small changes
Mental Health

How To Make Small Changes For A Happier 2020

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash Something that I have started to understand in my old age (I’m almost 33!!) is that you’ll never succeed with unrealistic resolutions. I’ve spent so many years attempting your average choices: lose weight, go to…

Happy New Year

7 Goals I’m Going To Achieve In 2020

Welcome to 2020 on my blog! We made it! I hope you all had a brilliant night however you decided to celebrate it. I was happily in my PJs, in bed, and going in between watching Graham Norton and…

new year's eve

8 New Year’s Eve Ideas To Celebrate 2020

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash The day is almost here! Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and the final day of 2019! This decade feels like it’s lasted a lifetime compared to the one before and I’m so glad to be…

Hopes for Blogging

My Hopes For Blogging In 2020 (inspired by Amie)

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash I recently read a fascinating post by the beautiful Amie (TheCurvaceousVegan) where she spoke about what her hopes for blogging are in 2020. So many wonderful things happened in terms of blogging this year, but…

books of 2019

Looking Back At My Favourite Books of 2019

Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash It’s Christmas next week, everyone!! What are you hoping to get from Santa? I actually have gifts under the tree this time and I’m super excited! In past years I’ve done wishlists, but there’s kind…

Best Christmas Reads

What Are My Favourite Christmas Reads?

One of the things I love about book shops during Christmas is the sheer number of Christmas reads that appear! Some that are true classics and others brand-new. I love getting the chance to sit down on a freezing…


My Favourite Book-To-Screen Adaptations

I can’t be the only one who can easily name a handful of book-to-screen adaptations. They’ve become more and more common which is both a great and a bad thing. If the director knows the book and stays true…

end of the year

13 Things To Do Before The End Of The Year

Everyone to your panic stations!! There is only a little over 2 weeks to go until the end of the year. We officially say goodbye to the 2010s and say hello to the 2020s! That is barely any time!…