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5 Simple Ways To Manage Anxiety Socially (Alone/With Friends)

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If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while, you’ll know how bad anxiety can be for a sufferer. It can take over someone’s life and ruin a typical day, even if you had stuff to do. Admitting how you’re honestly feeling to someone you care about is difficult but we all need a friend.

Knowing that you have someone who can help a friend when anxiety hits makes you feel very safe. You obviously need someone you can really trust but, once you do, there are 5 simple ways to help manage anxiety socially.

1. Wait before you speak

This may sound condescending but it’s a vital way to help.

Whenever I have my anxiety peaking, I find it difficult to have someone immediately jump towards me and start asking if I’m okay. Obviously if it’s a stranger you can’t really blame them since they don’t know you. However, if you know someone who has anxiety, wait before you speak.

Everyone is different.

Take things slow and wait until you find a moment to say something. Sometimes all a person needs is to know that you’re there when they’re overwhelmed out and about.

 2. Find somewhere quiet

If you and your friend are out shopping, at a party or even out for a meal and something triggers their anxiety, you don’t need to immediately draw attention. If you’re with a group who might not know about anxiety, it can sometimes make it worse due to embarrassment or fear of what they might think.

It’s best to have a quick check of where you’re okay as a precaution.

That doesn’t mean anxiety will always get triggered. I’ve had occasions when mine has been absolutely fine in the noisiest of places which I feel a little crazy, but you know that’s me in a nutshell! However, if lots of things are happening at once like loud music, constant chatter or kids crying, anxiety takes no prisoners!

Find a quiet corner away from everyone or, if it’s not too cold, head outside with your friend for a bit. People may get a little claustraphobic and need some air.

3. Have a plan of action

Some people have an emergency kit for when their car breaks down or a first-aid kit for when someone is hurt. You can use something similiar to manage anxiety socially.

Whenever I’m out, I always carry a small kit of essential items that I know can help.

I have:

  • my anxiety medication (beta blockers to calm me)
  • my tangle (to distract myself)
  • some Bachs Rescue Remedy (to chew and release drops)
  • a small spray of Chanel No. 5 (my mum’s perfume always makes me feel relaxed)
  • headphones (to listen to music whenever things are too loud)

It’s a good idea to have one of these for yourself and to let a couple of close friends know. That way they can know to head for your kit and pull out items that will help ground you. Don’t feel that you’re being over-dramatic. You wouldn’t say the same to someone with diabetes so why say it for your mental health.

4. Avoid busy times

Whenever I’ve been into London to visit Ali (from AliCaitrin), we always say that I should make up an anxiety guide to surviving London. This city is a crazy, crazy place and even worse when it’s peak times on public transport. If you come from somewhere quieter such as the countryside or even a small town, London can be a real shock to the system.

If you live in the city and a friend is visiting you or you’ve been to London before, try to plot out times where everything gets horrendous. Ali taught me a tip of going to the ends of a tube platform as it seems quieter down there. Most people seem to go immediately for the middle so you might have a chance to sit down and breathe. If that isn’t possible, look at the peak times for the stations you’ll be going through. These seem to be around 7-9am and 5-7pm.

If the Underground is just too much (especially for those who can’t handle being crowded), grab a taxi/uber. It might be more expensive but you’ll have your own space together and can take your time.

5. Distraction

Sometimes breathing techniques can actually make someone feel worse so the next possible step to help manage anxiety is distraction.

If you’re on your own, use your kit to start your distraction and then come up with ideas in advance.

Not every distraction that has worked in the past will work every time. I’ve had a couple of occasions where reading or listening to music doesn’t work. It’s super annoying and triggering. Believe me, this happens to me most Sundays! Always have a backup for your backups.

If you’re with a friend, then go for a walk if the weather lets you, give your mind something else to focus on (5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can touch, 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste). That’s a great grounding technique if you’re panicking! Thomas Sanders even used it in his latest video!

What ways have you got created to help manage anxiety socially?

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What Does Depression Feel Like? | Blogtober 2019


Photo by Camila Quintero Franco on Unsplash

One question I hear and see online is: what does depression feel like?

I bet you’ve had times when your loved ones and/or friends have seen that you’re not yourself or curious as to why you can’t go out. They try to help by saying that it’s just a bad day and to distract yourself, but it’s not as easy as that. I’ve seen comics raising this by saying you wouldn’t say that to someone with a physical illness or injury.

“Oh, it’s just a broken leg. Try to walk off.”

“Oh, you’re having a hypo? Don’t worry…just smile.”

It’s so silly but situations like this happen to anyone who suffers with a mental health illness. We shouldn’t be seen as ‘crazy’ people just because history deemed us as that.

You guys know I love my gifs and use them to communicate my feelings. I’ve honestly been horrified to see the gifs suggested on Twitter. Thankfully most of the triggering ones have been removed. I used to see people pretending to take their own life from TV shows and almost parodying someone with mental health.

Is this their answer to what depression feels like?


You know that moment when you were little when you lost your mum and panicked?

Imagine that panic in your chest and literally filling you all the way to the top, crushing you and leaving you unable to move. That’s only the start.

This morning I woke up crying. My body feel as it had the heaviest weight hanging off it and negative thoughts running through my head over and over: You’re fat! You can’t even get out of bed, you lazy cow! What’s the point in being alive? No-one would even miss me if I did die. You’re hopeless and worthless! You haven’t got a job, you keeping crying about how unfair your mind is and there are people really struggling.

My trigger was being weighed yesterday and finding that I’d put on 3lb.

For someone not struggling, they may a little put off or frustrated but would be able to carry on. As for me? I literally feel like a whale. I’m constantly prodding at the fat around my middle and my thighs. I can’t look in the mirror without seeing a double chin.

It’s an illness. It’s like you have the worst flu ever, causing you to ache, tremble, wish that there was someone there to hold you and say it’ll pass.

Depression affects people differently and it doesn’t mean that you’re struggling all the time. We can smile, we can laugh, we’re utterly normal. Please don’t doubt us or force us to move. Just sit there, listen and we’ll talk when we can.

Whatever you’re going through, call the samaritans free any time, from any phone, on 116 123.

What does depression feel like to you?


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What Is On My Self-Care List During Autumn & Winter? | Blogtober 2019

Photo by Magda Fou on Unsplash

Now that the days are getting colder and the nights are darker much too quickly, Autumn starts the time of year that I somewhat dread: SAD season. If you don’t know what SAD means, it stands for Season Affective Disorder. Basically a type of depression that comes and goes with the different seasons and pops up for me during Autumn and Winter. Got to love additional depression! That is why it’s very important to self-care during these seasons!

I should practice what I preach more often but I’ve still come up with a list of things that you could do every day to practice self-care and to help ease any symptoms. Not all of them will work since everyone is different but you know know!

Try using an SAD Light

One of the main reasons for this depression is basically because the days are much shorter and the weather is usually pretty shocking. That all means that we don’t get as much sun as we did in Spring and Summer. This is where an SAD Light (£37.45 – £101.45) comes in to give us an extra hand. It’s essentially our own little sun! Safer than a sun-bed since it doesn’t give off anything nasty but still tricks our mood into thinking we’re outside in the sun.

Buy something to make you embrace the season

You don’t have to go big with buying something. This is when you listen to your body and your mind. What makes you feel a little happier during Autumn and Winter? You could buy yourself a new pair of gloves, a scented candle or even a monthly subscription to help a charity! There are so many ways to help you feel.

Bring out your snuggly pyjamas

As soon as I notice how chilly it’s getting, I pull all of my warmer PJs to wear! These are something vital on my self-care list. There is something about getting into these (my favourite top is a scotty dog hoodie) that makes me feel safe and I can hide a way in them if I’m really struggling.

Bake/cook an autumn treat

This is for you, you little chefs and bakers out there! I’m actually planning to try baking something for the first time in my flat and I’m a little nervous! I do love the idea of baking but I’m not really good at it. They say practice makes perfect so what better time to try than when you’re hiding from the bad weather!

Go for a walk and take pictures

Autumn has to be one of the prettiest seasons! You get to see the leaves change from green to yellow to orange and even to red before falling! I guess that’s why Americans call it ‘Fall’…am I right, American friends? We bloggers never need an excuse to take photos of things and I love pictures like these! I even made a board about them!

Stay offline for a day

I’ll admit that this one might be a little tricky since we’re all a little addicted to being online. That sometimes is the problem. We need a chance to step back from the situation and do something else for the day. Whether that’s reading a book, going to the cinema or getting on with something that you’ve been putting off.

Get rid of things you don’t need

We might have cleaning in Spring so we can have decluttering in Autumn! Have a look at your outfits you wear during the warmer months, see what you’re not overly fussed on anymore and take to a charity shop. You can do the same with other items like books, shoes or other accessories. Once you’ve done that, you can tuck away the items you’ve kept until next year.

Decorate your home

If I had the money, I would decorate my flat like those pictures on Pinterest! They look like so much fun and obviously not just for people with kids. You can do as much or as little as you like to get you in the spirit. Part of me would love to get mustard-coloured and blood-orange cushions/blankets, put some pumpkins outside my front door or with an wreath on my door.

Have as many warm drinks as you like

No self-care list of mine would be anything without warm drinks somewhere! I love myself tea any time of the year but this is when I break out my chai tea and hot chocolate! At least I don’t melt drinking them now so woo!

What are you planning to help you practice self-care?

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Thoughts I Had During My Mum’s Cancer Journey


While Mum was battling with cancer, I kept a diary of what was going on inside my head. You can imagine how many thoughts you can have when you’re not able to help your loved one. It was my mum’s oncologist that suggested that a diary would be a good idea for both of us. I’d already been writing diaries over the last 10 years but this one was very different.

I’m going to put a little trigger warning here. This post isn’t going to go too dark but I will chat about a couple of my negative thoughts and about terminal illness so just in case!

I’d already had this idea on my to-do list but I thought I would put it up today since it’s Macmillan Coffee Morning tomorrow! Buy cake, give a little to an incredible idea and help thousands of sufferers and their families!

why couldn’t i have had the cancer and not my mum?

This was a thought I had throughout my mum’s journey. It might be a little selfish since there are plenty of people who probably wish they never had cancer. I know but I hated seeing my mum suffering and watching her slowly becoming undone. I did imagine what life would have been like if I had had the brain tumour and Mum had to look after me. It’s that thought that has me shaking my head to get rid of it. She had already suffered after losing my dad so it would have been worse for her to see her daughter suffering.

why can people smoke and drink and be fine, but my mum gets the tumour

I still think along these lines whenever I see people being so careless with their life. She once told me she had thought the same thing when my dad had died. She heard cars going past and people heading to work and thought, ‘How can they be going to work when my husband has just died?’.

Now I know how she felt and it’s awful. I go past pubs on the bus and see men and women around my mum’s age and older who smoke heavily and drink lots. How can they do all that and live to a ripe old age when both my parents died young?

could i have helped her more?

I know I cared for her for many years but I always wonder if I could’ve helped her more. Could I have been helpful during our alone moments? Could I have studied more and done more with my life to make her proud? This is the way my mind goes. I know mum would have told me that I had done plenty to make her proud and her last sentence about me was when she looked at my graduation picture and said, ‘You know what? I’m really proud of our Daisy!’

That still makes me warm after these last two years!

am i playing the victim card too much online?

I constantly worry that I’m playing some kind of victim card to people and that I look like I’m crying out for sympathy on social media. I do write a lot about what I’m feeling there and then whether it’s positive or negative. I guess that I’m just trying to be honest and a little brave for those that are struggling too. There’s nothing worse than feeling alone with your thoughts.

If you have a spare moment tomorrow, please try to go to your local Coffee Morning and buy a cake. Every little penny really will help and get us one step closer to finding a possible cure to cancer.

Will you be going to a Coffee Morning?

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3 mental health things to consider when moving to a property


Looking for any new property to call home is a daunting experience especially it’s your first house/flat away from your parents. Imagine adding to that feeling a whole bunch of anxiety. I felt so much anxiety when I was told I would have to move out of the house I’d loved in for 19 years (it was a council property).

It was such a weird jumble of emotions that I felt looking around different flats in my area. I was excited to be having a little place of my own where I could start afresh. It was also super sad because I’d moved into my old place with both my parents and cat and was the only one alive to move out.

If you suffer with anxiety then you know how many thoughts go through your head before you move:

What if moving is the wrong thing to do?
Is this new place safe?
What if my new neighbours are noisy/trouble?
How will I be able to move everything out and then in?
What happens if something needs repaired?

I know these questions could probably easily answered by someone but these still went through my head. This was the first place I’d move to on my own and, having no family or friends to help me, I had to move with the help of a tenancy support officer. Before I had to move, I was told to come up some things I wanted to consider before choosing a place to live.

check the crime around the area

This probably isn’t the best advice for anyone that is paranoid but sometimes checking the areas you’re wanting to move to helps give you peace of mind. I’ve used a site called Police UK to look at my local neighbourhoods and see what crime has been reported over the last few months. You can put in a postcode and it will give you the general area.

You can also see numbers on the map and see what types of crime are being committed. It’s not great some of the time when you see a thing like Violence/Sexual Offence because that’s terrifying! It’s more broader than that. It just gives you a idea!

make a list of everything you want to pack

When you’re moving to a new property, all hell breaks loose when everything is packed into boxes and you have no clue where all the basic essentials are. Before I moved, I started making a list of which box would contain what. I colour-coded too because I’m that weird and love colours. When I saw that colour on the box, I’d know what room to pop it into.

Think about making a first night box. In the box you can have all the small items you think you’ll need and don’t want to spend hours looking in boxes for. You could have medication, tea-bags/coffees, toothbrush and toothpaste, fresh pillow-case, knives and forks…whatever you think will be important!

If you know your mental health will be affected by the move, even keep some meds in your bag to take just in case.

Secure your new property before you move in

This was such a vital thing for me! I was so scared my first night because I heard some of my neighbours arguing and, a month later, another being attacked by her sister. If I hadn’t had some general bits to make me feel secure, I wouldn’t have moved in as quickly as I did. I’ve heard chain bars are great for some homes because a burglar wouldn’t find it as easy to cut like a door-chain.

I’m hoping to get a Ring doorbell and camera on my front door to help me feel safe. When someone rings it, you can see through the camera on your phone so you know who is there and talk to them. There are so many different things you can get with Ring like a spotlight with a camera and more. It’s a great company for anyone who finds it difficult to answer the front door especially if you’re expecting anyone.

What mental health things would you consider when moving to a new property?



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What my life after university is really like

universityPhoto by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

I graduated from university back in 2014 and I had a few ideas what I thought life was going to be like after I finished my course. I’d had friends telling me different things that had happened to them but different things happen to different people! I spent 3 years doing a Theatre course where I studied acting, stage management, script-writing, directing and theatre in education. In short…SUCH A GOOD COURSE!!

When I joined the course in 2011, I was the last year to pay £3700+ instead of £9000! I was so lucky to miss it but I knew that I would one day have to pay all the tuition fees that had built up. I only had a couple of people whose parents actually paid for their time at university but the majority were like me who would pay after.

It wasn’t a day after I graduated that I got a letter from Student Finance to say that I now had a bill of £21,000 to pay.

They clearly didn’t want to wait!

What I hadn’t expected after I finished was for my mental health to take a nose-dive. My depression was officially diagnosed in 2014 and I was really struggling. I did look at getting part-time jobs to start the ball rolling to pay back; however, I didn’t have to start making payments until I got a job with £21,000 a year wages. I couldn’t get a full-time one as I was also caring for my mum.

Regardless of my depression I was on a major high with my acting! I had graduated with a 2:1 (I got a 1st in my final acting assignment!) and was ready to take on the world!

As you can probably guess, that didn’t work out for me. Life happened in the form of Mum getting cancer, looking after her full-time, various health conditions being diagnosed and…yeah.

My newly fresh graduate life had ground to a halt.

The green-eyed monster kicked in when I went on my social media and saw people on my course going to drama school, taking part in professional projects such as UK tours and even going on TV!

I was at home and not even getting the chance to do any of what I had hoped I could do. I don’t blame my mum at all for what happened. She couldn’t help getting cancer and I couldn’t help my depression taking up a large part of my time. Life just happens sometimes!

My love for theatre was still there and that is why I started blogging at all! I started a blog called PromptsByDee where I could talk about my thoughts on theatre, Harry Potter and just life in general. Though life hasn’t gone the way I’d hoped, I can still take on the world like a fresh graduate would! I have life experience now which is completely different to some of my friends and I was able to learn new skills that might be helpful for me when I manage to find myself a job!

If you went to university, how has your life been since finishing?
Is what you expected it to be?

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4 Toys/Objects That Help Ease My Anxiety


Over the years I’ve tried and tested multiple ways to try and ease my anxiety especially when I’m in public. Some have worked and some have done nothing but, in the last year or so, I’ve discovered a few toys/objects that have really helped. They don’t just help with my anxiety but with my ASD too so woo!

4 toys/objects i’ve either tried or want

fidget cube:

Everyone has heard of a fidget spinner but I could never click with using that. It wasn’t until I saw this yellow and white fidget cube in a knick knack shop that I found what worked! I was always that annoying pen clicker or fidgeter in class purely because I couldn’t keep my hands still!

This fidget cube has something for everything! It has buttons to click, little wheel to roll your thumb over and clicks a little too, a smooth groove, a teeny light switch and a button thing you can roll around or push up and down!


This toy is a recent addition! I’d initally heard about these from watching a Youtuber called BeckieJaneBrown who used them for her Trichotillomania (hair pulling). They seemed such a fun way to keep my concentration so when I stumbled on this tangle in TheWorks, I was so happy!

They are perfect for anyone who gets distracted easily or needs a distraction, whether you have ADHD, autism or any other disorder. You can get them in a bunch of different colours, different sizes and with textures or smooth! They can be pulled apart and put together easily and they don’t make much noise!

If I’m in a class or on the bus I’ll usually pull this out to ease my anxiety!

Weighted Blanket:

Okay…so…I don’t actually own one of these BUT I have heard a bunch about them on the internet and a couple of bloggers! It seems like such an interesting concept and I hadn’t realised that it can really help. I don’t know what kind of magic these weighted blankets use but I do know they’re meant to be amazing for anxiety and for anyone who doesn’t sleep well!

Kids can use these blankets too!

One of the main reasons I don’t own one of these is mainly because they’re pretty expensive! They all seem to be £100+ but I think it would be a good investment! Maybe Santa will be generous this year!

Hand Therapy Stress Ball:

This final toy/object is another that I’ve heard about but this was from a fellow chronic pain sufferer. She had been using this ball to help ease pains and aches in the joints in her hands. She said that it was small enough to fit into the palm of her hand and she could squeeze it to help strengthen her joints too!

Definitely going to buy this to try! I’ll be sure to review it properly when it comes!

What toys do you use to help ease your anxiety?

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How To Make Yourself A Priority


So many people these days put other people before themselves. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing since sometimes it shows a great sense of character to help others and think how you impact on people around you.

Charities and volunteering are great examples of this!

However, you can become so focus on others that you forget about looking after yourself as well! I’m beyond guilty of this! I love the idea of helping friends with their problems that I tend to ignore the fact that their problem could be triggering until it was too late. I find it easier to help them and forget what should be the priority.

Here are a few ways I’ve thought of overcoming that forgetfulness and allowing you to make yourself the priority and not feel guilty about it:

Meditate when you wake up

This is something I want to start doing every morning to try and ease any residual anxiety from either the day before or during the night. You get the chance to calm yourself for the day ahead, say some positive affirmations and not trigger your mind by looking straight at social media.

Don’t be afraid to stay home

It’s great if you can be social. Some people find it easy and others struggle. Regardless of how you are, it’s good to be around friends you can chat with or others who challenge you positively. That said if you don’t feel like yourself, whether you’re sick or having a low day, or the weather isn’t amazing…stay home! No errands? Stay home! You don’t have to always go out and face the world.

Take a social media break

Social media and blogging have a way of taking over our lives! You find yourself checking your phone every few minutes if you get a notification, constantly seeing how many likes your Instagram is getting or whether you’ve gotten any comments on your latest blog post. As hard as it might feel doing this step away. You don’t have to delete any accounts or anything that drastic but keep your phone turned off or do something else. Go for that walk on a nice day, read a book…whatever you’ve been putting off.

treat yourself

Okay…we probably treat ourselves every day in some way but there’s nothing wrong with your treat being something small or a bit bigger. If you did something you struggle with, have that favourite snack or put a mask on. If you got a promotion, buy that bag or coat you’ve had your eye on for months. You’ve worked so you’ve earned it!

Say no

This is such a difficult word to say. Like I mentioned earlier you always want to help people if they’re struggling but there are some people who like to take advantage of your kindness. They find ways to get you to help them or do work for them because they know you will help. This is when you have to say no. That person might not like it but you are more important than they are at that moment.

If a person’s struggle is genuine and they don’t normally ask for help, say yes all you like. Just know when to say no. You could say no if you don’t go out or you don’t feel like having a certain meal.

How do you plan on making yourself a priority?

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6 Tactics I Use To Get Out Of Bed Each Morning

There are many moments that you struggle with when you suffer with mental health. You can be struck at any time of day or night. When I’m at a particularly low mood or sometimes get overwhelmed by something negative, I find it nearly impossible to get myself out of bed in the morning.


You don’t just get affected mentally but sometimes also physically. At the time I’m writing this (on the Sunday prior), I’ve had one of those mornings so I thought it would be therapeutic to chat about how I get myself up out of bed when I’m really struggling. My little tactics are what work for me personally (not all the time but most of the time) since everyone is different, but maybe they can help you create some of your own.

My 6 Morning Tactics On Low Mental Health Days

think about my parents:

This is a right hook to the feels for my brain! My parents are vital to my life even if they are no longer here. They fought for me when I was born 3 months premature and was told I might not survive at 2lbs but they knew I would! Both of them worked nearly their whole lives and, even though every life is different, I still use them as an example to get me up. It’s almost impossible but I do.

Have an emergency back-up:

What I mean by an emergency back-up is something special that you love to do but don’t do too often. It could be going to see a film you’ve been excited for, going for afternoon tea somewhere local or, for me, it’s visiting my nearby cat cafe! Cats always have a way to cheer me up because they just slump next to you and just chill without expecting much fuss! An added bonus is that the people who run it understand mental health so don’t push me to chat.

Force yourself:

Tough love! This is something I use on my medium low days when my brain is really getting me to stay in bed and I have an appointment to get to. This tactic doesn’t always work because it sometimes ends up making me feel worse but, if I do feel an inkling of stubbornness, then I force my legs and body right up!

Write a to-do list:

I’m all about lists! I don’t know what it is about writing them that I love so much but it just makes me feel productive even if I don’t tick all the points off! My days don’t tend to have much routine (even if I desperately wish it did) so I have to give myself chores to do each day to get me out. I’ve been adoring my bullet journal for this lately and I usually get an inkling the night before if I’m going to have a low day. I don’t so much give myself a day off because sitting in my flat with my noisy neighbours makes it all worse but I’m a little more relaxed if I don’t tick off every single point.

Drink a lot of water:

Okay…this point is a bit of a crazy one but it works. If I drink a lot of water either the night before or during the night then you know what will end up happening. Nature likes to help me kick mental health up the tush!

Have a friend text you:

You don’t have to go out on these low days. If the weather is bad and you know that your mental health will be made worse surrounded by people then socialise a different way! Have a friend who you will be honest with about how you’re really feeling text you. You might not be able to cope with strangers but there is something nice about having someone care. I usually leave my phone next to me in bed so I can chat with gifs and improve my mood enough to get up.

If you struggle to get out of bed on low days, what are your tactics to get out of bed
or do you give yourself that low day?

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Why I Find It Easier To Communicate Through Gifs


For as long as I’ve used Twitter, I’ve loved using gifs in my tweets. At first I would get them off Tumblr and then I decided to collect some of my favourites to use whenever I wanted. I have seperate files for different fandoms that I love such as Harry Potter, Merlin, Sherlock and Disney. Yes I’m a little bit extra but I love finding new gifs that I can use. Obviously I use them for fun but I also use them when I can’t think what to say or if I can’t describe how I’m feeling at that minute.

Some don’t always get what I’m trying to say through the gif and then I have friends who get the fandom I’m using and even take part in whole conversations with me only using gifs. The times I’ve been able to do this have been the best and I’ve had more than a couple nights when I’ve just been giggling. I know that not finding it easy to communicate offline with other people but I find it so much easier to do so since people aren’t talking face-to-face and they also follow me because we have the same interests!

I may have many files to choose from but I have a handful of gifs that I love to use for various conversations and over and over!

If anyone has been mean to someone, been particularly dumb or just gotten to me in some way, you’ll see me using this gif from the Philosopher’s Stone. It’s amazing for getting the point across and Hermione just has a way with words!

Luna Lovegood…my spirit animal! I’ve never related so much to a character than I have with Luna. I love this quote from her since it’s the first one that we hear from her in both book and film. If anyone is thinking they’re a bit weird or if they like the same thing as I do, I always use this to try and make them feel better. We might be a little different compared to others but that doesn’t mean we’re alone!

Doctor Who has some incredible quotes people can make gifs on but one of my favourites has to be during David Tennant’s time. The Doctor is in a massive library and describes books as some of the best weapons in the world! I love using this if books/reading are ever judged negatively!

Do you enjoy using gifs in your tweets?