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4 Favourite Alternative Comic/Print Illustrators | Blogtober 2019

comicPhoto by Kasturi Roy on Unsplash

Something that I’ve really started loving in the last few years is reading comic strips from particular illustrators. They’re so much fun to read and some are actually relatable depending on who is drawing them. I’ve wanted to write this post for a while so Blogtober is a good enough time to do it, don’t you think?

Let’s see if you’ve heard any of my favourite comic illustrators!

Sarah Andersen

Out of all the illustrators that I adore, Sarah has to be the most relatable!

I follow her on Twitter and I know for a fact that whatever she draws will make me either laugh, smile or both. She has a similiar sense of humour to me and seems to love cats! That’s at least what it seems to me! Haha!

I have her ‘Taking Care Of’ print in my office because oh my days…do I relate to it! I’m able to look after everyone and everything well but when it comes to me, I just don’t care. I’m working on sorting that but this still makes me giggle!

If you want to read some of her comics, follow her on Twitter!

Alice Oseman

Alice!! I never thought I’d be drawn to comics until I read Alice’s comic ‘Heartstopper‘.

I first came across it while I was on Tumblr and this was even before I started reading her YA novels. I just instantly fell in love with her characters Nick and Charlie. They were all so adorable and there needs to be more LGBTQ+ illustrations like this in the universe.

What recently excited me was getting the chance to read Volume 2 to Heartstopper! A physical copy that I can read when it’s raining or simply when I need something fluffy, cute and angsty!

Today is extra special because it’s Alice’s birthday!! Go and wish her a happy one if you’ve read any of her work!

Lingvistov (Landysh & Asia)

These guys are only a recent discovery but I’ve become obsessed with their work. What’s the common link between them and Sarah? They create drawings about sassy cats and stuff that everyone can easily relate to!

You should see my Pinterest section on cats! I think a lot of it consists of their work and I’m not ashamed at all!

I reckon every cat owner will just nod at every cat print you see!

Katie Abey

Alright…let’s end with a local illustrator that I think it’s not only super cool but very colourful! That is Katie Abey! I think quite a lot of people will have seen some of Katie’s work especially if they love Harry Potter!

She creates these fun puns based on Harry Potter and some of the characters.

I managed to visit her newish Potter store in Matlock called Punnydukes and it’s like walking into Willy Wonka’s factory. It has colour and personality everywhere you look! I know Katie has an actual personal shop in Alfreton so I may have to give that a try when I get the chance.

Do you have any illustrators that you love to see work from?


How I Fell Back In Love With Using Pinterest | Blogtober 2019

You know when you join something, use it all the time and then suddenly just stop using it for a while? That happened to me with Pinterest! I didn’t stop using it because I hated it…I think I felt that I was too weird for it, hence the choice of picture! It wasn’t until I was looking up some ideas for my bullet journal that I reignited my Pinterest love.

pinterestPhoto by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

why do i love this site/app?

What isn’t to love?!

Unlike Instagram, where you post pictures and end up getting likes, Pinterest saves! That is so much better for my mental health! We’re not comparing each other’s work. All we’re doing is saving the ideas and the pictures that we enjoy into files.

I have so much fun with this!

The fact that I can also put files inside my files makes my organisation side very happy. I tend to use these the most into my fandom sections. I have a lot of fandom love to give to everyone so I need all these sections!

what are my favourite things to save?

Oh, this is where my fun time happens!

Pinterest helps me to discover other people who love what I do, create incredible things and send me to posts that can help like blogging tips, home decor advice and all the Harry Potter fan-art.

Yeah, I like finding all the random fan creations out there.

I probably have way too many files for people to find me or I confuse anyone that discovers me through a pin but this is actually me cut way down to what it used to be when I first started. I could pin everything and anything if I wanted but I think people need a chance of knowing where to look for things!

who are my favourite people to follow?

There are so many people and companies that you can follow and learn from and I don’t even follow that many. I’ve gotten a little picky with who or what I want to see content from. If I follow everyone then I wouldn’t be able to see pins that I really enjoy.

I do have a select few that I tend to follow on every single social media and I promise I’m not stalking them! Haha!:

I’ll be honest that my little Pin Palace isn’t incredible and pretty newbie compared to my friends but I’m hoping to work on creating pins for my posts. That and continue to understand how the site works! Apparently I have 12K monthly viewers and I have 0 clue whether that is good or not! I swear I’ve used this before!!

If you want to work on your account, you need to join up to Grow & Glow! It has lots of different bundles to help you with different elements of your blog: individual socia media, SEO, traffic and more. Vix has done such an amazing job building up her empire and she even has an event coming up hosted by the actual people from Pinterest!!

What do you love about Pinterest?


PMD Clean Smart Cleansing Device* | Blogtober 2019

PMD Clean

GIFTED (*) | Ever since reaching my 30s, I’ve begun to notice my skin slowly changing more and more. A few wrinkles here, more pigmentation there. Enough that I knew I needed to focus a little more on my skincare routine in the morning and at night. After seeing Jenny’s review about the PMD Clean Smart Cleansing Device, I knew that I needed something incredible to ease whatever getting old was doing to me. When the guys at PMD Clean asked whether I’d like to try it out, I immediately said yes!

I’ll admit that I only started using cleansers and toners this year.

It wasn’t that I didn’t know the benefits of them but there were so many products out there that I didn’t know where to start. I’ve actually been pretty consistent with using these but I had one particular  question left: is there any more I can do to help my skin?

That is where PMD Clean came in!

This little device has a ‘SonicGlow technology’ which means that it’s able to break down any dirt and oil in the pores of your face at 7,000 vibrations per minute!! It also means it will tone, lift and firm up the skin and heaven knows I need something to sort out the little sags under my eyes. I need to look young a little, okay?!

If like me you’re a bit of a germaphobe, then you don’t have to worry. PMD Clean uses silicone that is resistant to odours, prevents any bacteria from forming on the brushes, water-proof and hyper-allergenic so everyone can enjoy!

Over the last few days I’ve really been struggling with hormonal acne on my chin and on the bridge of my nose. It’s been so annoying and been triggering my self-hate (which is on a down low anyway). There’s nothing more embarrassing than looking like you’re going through your second puberty again.

Before you say that you don’t bother with these odd techy things because they’re always so complicated and frustrating to you, that’s so far from the truth. If I can use this with ease, then anyone can!  There’s no wires to get tangled up with and all you need is your typical AA battery to get it working. See? Simple!

Wet your face and the brush you want to use, pop on your usual cleanser or serum and choose which mode you want! You have a gentle and intense modes for cleansing and the same for anti-aging. Yep, anti-aging is everything I need. Do you think if I’m very nice to this little device, it’ll turn back time a bit and take away all the fine lines I have?

Yeah…I don’t think so either.

If you love colours, they have you sorted there too! You have the PMD Clean Pro and PMD Clean Pro RQ that are self-standing. The Pro includes an ActiveWarmth facial massager and the PRO RQ has an ActiveWarmth Rose Quartz stone massager. Anything to turn back time! Colours come in either a maroon red, teal, dark blue, baby pink and black. Sometimes I just like black!

I’ve definitely seen a massive improvement in the majority of my skin (ignore my nose!) and I can see that my skin is clean. I know it sounds weird but there is just a slight shine that wasn’t there before.

Thank you again to PMD for kindly giving this to me. My skin also thanks you! Haha!

What are your thoughts on this? Would you use a device like this?

*This post contains gifted items but all opinions given are entirely my own.


Travelling The World From My Flat | Blogtober 2019

A lot of my friends and family love the idea of travelling to different countries around the world. I suspect most people would love the chance to do that and that includes me! I’ve written a couple of posts in the past about some dream destinations I’d like to visit one day. This includes Japan, New Zealand and New York!

There is a couple of problems preventing me.

travellingPhoto by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Holidays are super expensive and, unless you have a good paying job or saved up, it isn’t possible to go from country to country. Don’t worry, I can already hear my travelling friends saying that it’s perfectly possible to travel on a budget.

That moves onto my second problem.

My anxiety won’t let me travel anywhere right now even if I did have the money.

That’s why I have so much fun effectively travelling all over the world from the comfort of my flat. It sounds a little sad that I enjoy this so much but, for someone who struggles to go outside sometimes, it gives me the opportunity to use my imagination. Try not to think I’m too weird after reading this post…I reckon that child-like love for pretend never left me! Haha!

follow travel bloggers and youtubers

This is one of the best ways that I can see new countries and see some of the sights along with them. Some of the people that I love to watch have to be:

plan your dream holiday

If I’m a little bored or I’ve been watching a bunch of different vlogs, I’ll head to various travel websites such as Virgin Atlantic and Booking.Com and pretend I’m going to be booking a holiday. You can’t help but feel that weird sense of excitement that you get with the idea of visiting somewhere new. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t going anywhere. You can still enjoy the experience!

You can check out the hotels in the country you’re looking at to see what you would choose, the sights you could visit and even check to see what it would be like to fly Upper Class! One day I’ll save up (even if it takes me a few years to fly Upper Class and have a bed on a flight!

Look around with Google Maps

Something that still amazes me to do this day is that you can literally see and look around area on the world, thanks to Google Maps. If you’ve always wanted to look around the streets of Hollywood or drive around New Zealand, then you can! I love revisiting places I’ve been to over the years to see if it’s changed or to bring back memories. It’s been over 20 years since I was last in Florida and so I take myself around International Drive to see how much I remember.

Not only can you go to other countries but you can also look around the UK! I’ve glanced around London, where I used to live (my mum’s car is still in the drive!)

Have you ever tried travelling around the world through the internet?


I Was Never Allowed To Go Trick-Or-Treating | Blogtober Day 2

Day 2 of Blogtober and only 29 days to go until it’s Halloween and I’m seeing shops stocking up all the sweets for any little ones who come trick-or-treating. When I lived at my old house, I’d see young kids dressed up in all kinds of ‘scary’ costumes. It was so much fun seeing the kids super excited about getting a treat for coming and then probably counting up how much they got.

I was never allowed to go trick-or-treating as a kid.

Not even once.

trick-or-treatingPhoto by Rohan Reddy on Unsplash

Before anyone wonders if my parents were tight or stuck in the dark age, that is so far from the case. If anything, they were the best parents a girl could ask for but they had their reasons.

According to my mum, one of the reasons I couldn’t go was that both of them saw it as a form of begging. You going from house to house and asking for sweets. They didn’t like the idea of their child doing that even if it was only a form of fun. Plus I already had bad teeth to begin with so having me on a sugar rush would have been a nightmare!

Another reason was that it wasn’t safe.

Sure, my mum would have come with me (my dad couldn’t walk too far) and it would have been in an area that we knew. However, this was the 90s and it wasn’t all that long after James Bulger had been taken and was found dead. This would have probably put fear into any parents’ heart so I definitely see this as a good reason.

To be honest, I don’t think many kids go out trick-or-treating these days.

You obviously see the odd crowds going around with tiny kids dressed as witches or super-heroes (so cute!). What kid wants to go out in the cold? They’ll probably want to stay indoors and play on their Nintendo Switch or something. I’d do the same if I was in their shoes!

As a grown-up (physically at least!), I much prefer to stay indoors during Halloween all snuggly under my duvet and watching Netflix!

Who else never went trick-or-treating? Did you feel like you missed out?


What Are My Goals For October? | Blogtober 2019


Happy 1st of October, everyone! The weather is cold, the rain won’t stop falling (STOP FALLING!) and we have entered Halloween month! I’ll be honest…I don’t like horror films. The only two I’ve ever really liked are Interview With A Vampire and Scary Movie! I can’t handle all of that deep spooky stuff that the big horror franchises dish out but I do like Halloween. I personally make it another Harry Potter month to celebrate in my own way.

To welcome October into my life, I’m going to attempt to do Blogtober! If you haven’t heard of this before, the clue is in the name.

You’re basically blogging every day for the entire month.

How unbelievable is it that when I first started blogging I actually blogged every day for a few months. Have no clue how I did it but I did. I may have to take a few days off here and there if my mental health is suffering but I’m going to give it a go.

For the first day, I’m going to look at some goals I want to try and achieve throughout this month. I’m going to try and be realistic with myself because unrealistic ones just wouldn’t happen!

blogtober day 1: what goals am i setting?


Reach 45 subscribers to my blog: This is something I’m slowly trying to get people to do if they can. I’m not sure how it works honestly so I may have to read some other blog posts for ideas, but let’s see what happens! 31 days is a longish time so it could work out if I try my best!

Reach 900 followers on Instagram: I know that focusing on followers isn’t good for your mental health but I still want to see if I can reach and stay at 900.

I reached it some time last year and it just didn’t stick. I also blocked a whole bunch of spam accounts that just wanted to follow so I’d follow them back. Will never be my thing. 900 isn’t an impossible goal since I’m currently at 863…I got this!! If you’re not following me there, help a little fangirl out? Haha!

Be invited to a brand event: This is something I’ve yet to achieve with this blog. I wrote a post a little while back of brands that I would love to work one day and, though I know I won’t be invited anywhere by those because they’re big, it would still be fun to take on my anxiety and go to some sort of fun event.

It would be amazing to be invited to a fun Halloween event or something to do with Harry Potter, other fandoms or books! Fingers crossed!

Post a few posts in my draft folder: Every blogger has a bunch of posts in their draft place that they have thought about posting but are too nervous to. That is me all over! I always worry that no-one would engage with something that I find interesting since that has happened in the past. I’m going to embrace my inner Gryffindor and post them. Gryffindor friends, can you lend this Hufflepuff some courage for a bit? Maybe this Blogtober will help me break this habit!


Go to the gym consistently once a week: Last month I took on my fear of going to the gym and actually went 3 times a week at the start. Unfortunately that kind of died so went from 3 times to 2 times to once to not at all. I think my problem was that I pushed myself too much and it put me off going there. If I go once a week, it’s better than not at all.

Do something social: It sounds super sad but I haven’t joined anything social for a long time. I used to go to a theatre group years ago and even took up sign language but those also fell apart.

Don’t get me wrong…I loved learning sign language yet my mental health tends to go lower during the cold months and it pushed me a way. I’m going to see if I can find any classes that are easy to get to or something else I can do during the day. I’m not quite ready to tackle night-time!

Meet up with another blogger: Okay, this one will get done as I’m planning on meeting up with Ali at the end of the month. The reason why it’s a goal is that we’ve planned twice to catch up somewhere and something has happened to make it fall through.

We were supposed to go to WB Studio Tour in January as my birthday treat but money got in the way and then we were supposed to have a Take 2 a few months later and I ended up having my gallbladder out! ALI, WE SHALL DO THIS!!

Respond to messages sooner: I’m terrible for this! I literally could go a couple of days without replying to a DM on Twitter or a chat on Facebook Messenger! Even I annoy myself with and I don’t do it on purpose. Maybe I just tend to forget to check my messages to see whether I got a reply. If I’ve done that to you…I promise to make a better effort!

Phew…I reckon these are enough goals to start my Blogtober right! If you’re doing it, leave a link to your blog in the comments and I’ll try to look at your posts! We can do this!!

What are your October/Blogtober goals?

Lifestyle Mental Health

Thoughts I Had During My Mum’s Cancer Journey


While Mum was battling with cancer, I kept a diary of what was going on inside my head. You can imagine how many thoughts you can have when you’re not able to help your loved one. It was my mum’s oncologist that suggested that a diary would be a good idea for both of us. I’d already been writing diaries over the last 10 years but this one was very different.

I’m going to put a little trigger warning here. This post isn’t going to go too dark but I will chat about a couple of my negative thoughts and about terminal illness so just in case!

I’d already had this idea on my to-do list but I thought I would put it up today since it’s Macmillan Coffee Morning tomorrow! Buy cake, give a little to an incredible idea and help thousands of sufferers and their families!

why couldn’t i have had the cancer and not my mum?

This was a thought I had throughout my mum’s journey. It might be a little selfish since there are plenty of people who probably wish they never had cancer. I know but I hated seeing my mum suffering and watching her slowly becoming undone. I did imagine what life would have been like if I had had the brain tumour and Mum had to look after me. It’s that thought that has me shaking my head to get rid of it. She had already suffered after losing my dad so it would have been worse for her to see her daughter suffering.

why can people smoke and drink and be fine, but my mum gets the tumour

I still think along these lines whenever I see people being so careless with their life. She once told me she had thought the same thing when my dad had died. She heard cars going past and people heading to work and thought, ‘How can they be going to work when my husband has just died?’.

Now I know how she felt and it’s awful. I go past pubs on the bus and see men and women around my mum’s age and older who smoke heavily and drink lots. How can they do all that and live to a ripe old age when both my parents died young?

could i have helped her more?

I know I cared for her for many years but I always wonder if I could’ve helped her more. Could I have been helpful during our alone moments? Could I have studied more and done more with my life to make her proud? This is the way my mind goes. I know mum would have told me that I had done plenty to make her proud and her last sentence about me was when she looked at my graduation picture and said, ‘You know what? I’m really proud of our Daisy!’

That still makes me warm after these last two years!

am i playing the victim card too much online?

I constantly worry that I’m playing some kind of victim card to people and that I look like I’m crying out for sympathy on social media. I do write a lot about what I’m feeling there and then whether it’s positive or negative. I guess that I’m just trying to be honest and a little brave for those that are struggling too. There’s nothing worse than feeling alone with your thoughts.

If you have a spare moment tomorrow, please try to go to your local Coffee Morning and buy a cake. Every little penny really will help and get us one step closer to finding a possible cure to cancer.

Will you be going to a Coffee Morning?


3 Things To Think About Before You Rebrand Your Blog

rebrandPhoto by Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash

You’ve had your blog for a while and you’re beginning to think it’s looking a little tired-looking. A lot of bloggers go through this mind-set (I’m doing it right now!) so that’s when a rebrand comes in handy. It gives you the chance to give your blog a fresh look along with your social media. Doesn’t necessarily mean you have to redo all your posts…just how cute you look!

It’s not as simple as it sounds either!

You have to figure out what blog design you’d like to use, colours and more! I think knowing what the heart of your blog is (psst…Grow & Glow is great for helping you there!) helps you figure out what you want. There are a lot of things to think about but I’m going to choose 5 of what I think are the big ones!

research blog designs

Even before anyone has a moment to look at your new post, they’ll be seeing how your blog looks. Is it clean? Is it easy to navigate? Is it less likely to leave you crying when trying to add widgets to your sidebar? The design is one of the first steps of my rebrand that I think about. I’m currently using one of the free designs from WordPress and I’m not overly loving it but it was something to use.

The free WordPress does have some great choices for anyone who is just starting but, for anyone looking to take the next step, buying a design is great! It can really give your some amazing extras like being responsive and looking professional to any brand taking a quick look. I know Etsy has some really talented designers and that there are companies such as:

Don’t forget your social media

You rebrand your blog but, if you have your social media designed around your old design, it might look a little dated too. Your Twitter and Instagram all deserve a little care as well. You don’t need to go as crazy as your blog but you change your story highlight buttons and make sure your bio is up-to-date. If you’ve not been happy with the way your social media has looked or felt, changing little things such as the way you edit your photos or joining Grow and Glow can really help you feel accomplished!

Take your time

Like the little heading says, take your time.

This change doesn’t have to be done in a week, month or even a year. You can take your time to look at the services that are out there. You can see what your friends have done with their blog for ideas. You can even create a little notebook of ideas that you spot or would love to work on in the future.

Change is a scary thing sometimes especially when it’s your little blog! Don’t be afraid of it though. Refreshing everything can feel really exhilarating!

What things would you think about before rebranding your blog?



Supporting Bloggers And Their Small Businesses


It’s a little known fact that bloggers don’t always get paid for the posts that they write for brands. You either get gifted a product to review and that’s your payment or you get paid when there is a budget that allows it. Unless you are a massive blogger who gets enough to take on blogging full-time, you have a job of some sort or a business of your own on the side.

The more creative bloggers seem to create products they can sell on Etsy or BigCartel!

I’m proud to say that my friends are a talented bunch! They can do photography for others, create designs such as prints or banners or even physical stuff like jewelry and toys. I feel like a proud mum when I see them doing well!

I wish I could support every single one every time they advertise their new products but I tend to have to wait. A lot of bloggers probably feel like this and you can support your favourite people in so many different ways. You can follow their social media and tell that person how great their work is, retweet or like what they post and try to see if any of your friends might want to buy something.

Dorkface (Jemma)

I adore Jemma! I’ve been following her work since I saw her live-streams of her painting on Periscope and she is just unique with her illustrations! The kind of stuff she creates are always super bright, cute and very fun!  I recently bought one of her new prints of Hogwarts (surprise surprise) and I instantly popped it on my fandom wall. It’s different compared to her other work but it shows that she can create everything!

I’m planning on buying some of her pins next because we all know I love my pins!

Blog: Dorkface
Shop: Illustrations/pins 

ATinyMew (Tore)

If you haven’t heard of Tore/ATinyMew, then you are now! Tore is actually a tattoo artist who has been learning her trade for a little while and now she’s moved onto prints! I was so happy that she was selling her designs because I’m terrified of needles and I’m less likely to run with a print. Maybe one day I’ll convince myself to get a small Harry Potter tattoo by her but, until then, I’ll just have to buy her nerdy things! My favourites of hers have to be the Pokemon and Deadpool designs!

Blog: ATinyMew
Shop: Tattoo Style Art

Bumble & Be (Sophie)

Sophie wins the most cutest creation award for all of her products!! I am always going to be proud of the fact that I was one of the first to get one of her Nifflers! She creates so many adorable crochet creatures such as the Niffler, Pickett and even Dobby! I wish I knew how to create things like this and, since I have 0 clue, I’ll just have to continue buying all of her things! What I want next are her Crochet Pygmy Puffs that are in the colours of Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor and Slytherin!

Blog: Bumble & Be
Shop: BumbleandBeMakes

KM Photographic (Kirstie)

Bloggers tend to use photos on their blog so kind of need to know how to use a camera! Though I still have no idea! Kirstie is so good at photography and she not only takes photos for bloggers but she does wedding photography too! I already knew that she had a brilliant eye because she actually took a few pictures for me a few years ago and made me look okay for a change!

Blog: Curated by Kirstie
Shop: KM Photographic

Who are your favourite bloggers who have small businesses?

Lifestyle Mental Health

3 mental health things to consider when moving to a property


Looking for any new property to call home is a daunting experience especially it’s your first house/flat away from your parents. Imagine adding to that feeling a whole bunch of anxiety. I felt so much anxiety when I was told I would have to move out of the house I’d loved in for 19 years (it was a council property).

It was such a weird jumble of emotions that I felt looking around different flats in my area. I was excited to be having a little place of my own where I could start afresh. It was also super sad because I’d moved into my old place with both my parents and cat and was the only one alive to move out.

If you suffer with anxiety then you know how many thoughts go through your head before you move:

What if moving is the wrong thing to do?
Is this new place safe?
What if my new neighbours are noisy/trouble?
How will I be able to move everything out and then in?
What happens if something needs repaired?

I know these questions could probably easily answered by someone but these still went through my head. This was the first place I’d move to on my own and, having no family or friends to help me, I had to move with the help of a tenancy support officer. Before I had to move, I was told to come up some things I wanted to consider before choosing a place to live.

check the crime around the area

This probably isn’t the best advice for anyone that is paranoid but sometimes checking the areas you’re wanting to move to helps give you peace of mind. I’ve used a site called Police UK to look at my local neighbourhoods and see what crime has been reported over the last few months. You can put in a postcode and it will give you the general area.

You can also see numbers on the map and see what types of crime are being committed. It’s not great some of the time when you see a thing like Violence/Sexual Offence because that’s terrifying! It’s more broader than that. It just gives you a idea!

make a list of everything you want to pack

When you’re moving to a new property, all hell breaks loose when everything is packed into boxes and you have no clue where all the basic essentials are. Before I moved, I started making a list of which box would contain what. I colour-coded too because I’m that weird and love colours. When I saw that colour on the box, I’d know what room to pop it into.

Think about making a first night box. In the box you can have all the small items you think you’ll need and don’t want to spend hours looking in boxes for. You could have medication, tea-bags/coffees, toothbrush and toothpaste, fresh pillow-case, knives and forks…whatever you think will be important!

If you know your mental health will be affected by the move, even keep some meds in your bag to take just in case.

Secure your new property before you move in

This was such a vital thing for me! I was so scared my first night because I heard some of my neighbours arguing and, a month later, another being attacked by her sister. If I hadn’t had some general bits to make me feel secure, I wouldn’t have moved in as quickly as I did. I’ve heard chain bars are great for some homes because a burglar wouldn’t find it as easy to cut like a door-chain.

I’m hoping to get a Ring doorbell and camera on my front door to help me feel safe. When someone rings it, you can see through the camera on your phone so you know who is there and talk to them. There are so many different things you can get with Ring like a spotlight with a camera and more. It’s a great company for anyone who finds it difficult to answer the front door especially if you’re expecting anyone.

What mental health things would you consider when moving to a new property?