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4 Habits I Want To Cut Out Of My Life

habitsPhoto by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

I like to think that I don’t have any of the looked-down-upon habits that most people have such as smoking, drinking or biting my nails. My parents did some of these things and, once you’ve been stuck in a car with two people smoking, you’ll never want to try. That said, I do have habits that I wish that I didn’t have.

They’re a little more complicated so will take some explaining.

leaving dishes unwashed

The funny thing is that I get SO annoyed at myself for doing this yet I continue to do it. My dad was a very clean man and everything was spotless. He even popped bleach in cups to take away stains in them. I’m not particularly dirty but I am untidy. That’s why this is one of the habits I need to work on. It doesn’t take much to take my dishes into the kitchen and wash them.

Another funny thing is I actually enjoy washing dishes! I find it relaxing, especially if I have the radio on. Part of the problem is I procrastinate by doing other things that don’t need to be done. I’ll watch Netflix, read a book, go on social media. By the time the thought of washing is in my head, I have to rush out.

What I wouldn’t give for a dishwasher!

Eating too many snacks

The burden of my life and an actual trigger of my mental health.

This habit comes in two parts: eating out of boredom and binge-eating. It was only today (Sunday 17th) that I realised that I snack a lot out of being bored and needing something to enjoy to pass the time. I knew it was a thing that could happen but it’s so frustrating to know I;m doing it. It’s not like I don’t do anything since I try to get myself doing other things, but my worst day has to be Sunday! Everything shuts early or not open at all, the buses are barely running and there is nothing on TV!

Maybe I sound whiny but these are things that go through my head.

My other snack issue is more serious: binge-eating. I’ve been battling this disorder for quite a few years but it didn’t truly spiral until I lost my mum. I think I tend to binge-eat because I have control over it and it’s less chaotic than the rest of my life. That is until the guilt sets in. This habit needs to be controlled before it makes everything much worse. If you have any tips, let me know!

Comparing myself to others

Gahhh! This is definitely one of my biggest habits that I’ve had since school. Seeing people doing better than you even though you did the same work is jarring. It wasn’t that I wanted to be front and centre all the time but I still liked the idea of recognition. To get an amazing grade on my homework, to be complimented on a performance and things like that.

Even in blogging I compare myself and it’s annoying. I don’t purposely look at my favourite bloggers to complain and whine about why I’m not as good as them. I know for certain how much work they do behind the scenes to get their content and how long they’ve been building their platform. Everyone is different and everyone gets recognised at different times in their life!

I’m hoping to work on this habit properly starting next year because I’m tired of it ruining stuff that I enjoy like acting and blogging.

Saying no to opportunities

This is such a varied topic since there are so many different opportunities we can offered in life. They could be an offer to go have tea with an old school friend or to go try something new and scary. It’s worrying how many times I have said no to things or denied myself since I didn’t feel worthy of it.

A few years ago I was giving the opportunity to interview the cast of Fantastic Beasts and got as far as being in my hotel in London when I said no at the last minute. I couldn’t handle the pressure of embarrassing myself in front of Eddie Redmayne or letting the site I was writing for down. Though I suppose I was letting them down in another way. It didn’t help that I was worried about Mum and that she might fall and be stuck for hours again.

What habits would you like to cut out of your life?


Tips On Engaging With Your Audience Through Social Media

It doesn’t matter who you talk to but, when you mention social media, they ask what you have and how many followers. It’s like a completely different language so that’s pretty cool, I guess. As bloggers, we are always attached to social media in one way or another. Whether it’s through Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or even Youtube!

social media
Photo by Laura Olsen on Unsplash

Everyone has a favourite site to visit.

For me, I adore Twitter! It has everything I need to be kept content: my friends, some of my favourite celebs and the ability to mess around with gifs! However, it’s not only for me to go a little crazy on. It’s also a vital place in getting my posts noticed by different people and brands which is brilliant for engagement.

You could be new to blogging and not know what to do next to get people engaging with your posts. Believe me, I still struggle with this sometimes, especially on Instagram.

don’t treat your followers as numbers

This is a big one for me.

I’ve read so many stories of bloggers who only care about getting their follower numbers to go up and don’t bother to connect with them. They are so much more than a number! They are taking a moment out of their time to look at what you’ve posted and possibly even leave a like and comment.

Chat with them! Say thank you!

Return the favour

If you’re on Twitter, then you may have seen that there are accounts that have comment swaps! This is basically exactly as it suggests. You post your own link in the Twitter thread saying you’ll return comments (return the comment!), then you check out some of the other posts! You can say your piece and let the person know you’ve commented!

You don’t have to do all of the posts but it’s a great way to get engagement.

use appropriate hashtags

social mediaPhoto by Jealous Weekends on Unsplash

It doesn’t matter which social media you’re on, hashtags/keywords are super important!

These are what direct your post or image to the people who will be most interested! For example: if I’m posting a Harry Potter picture, I’ll always add #harrypotter or #harrypotterfandom. That way fellow fans will hopefully see my image and engage with it. Obviously Instagram is a toughie to get noticed but keep trying and you never know what may happen.

write an interesting caption

I love doing this on both Instagram and Twitter! I get to write a mini blog about my post and normally end up throwing my feels at everyone. It’s an interesting way of getting the attention! It doesn’t always work with everyone but, if you ask questions, people may reply.

You’re giving them a reason to chat with you!

How do you engage with people on social media?


6 Realistic Goals I’m Setting For 2020

realistic goals

I’m seeing so many people starting to come up with realistic goals for 2020! I love getting the chance to make goals each month, but I’ll admit that they aren’t that realistic. How do I expect myself to succeed with them if I set the bar too high? I haven’t been all that great with the ones I started the year with so this type of post is long overdue!

Walk more OFTEN:

I do try to walk as much as I can but, if the weather is nasty or my mood/body is off, I can’t. I do try which is important, I guess. I could say that I’m going to walk 10,000 steps every other but it won’t happen. Instead I’m going to propose that I walk more often, even on the days I struggle on.

I think a stronger umbrella is in order! Mine kind of broke itself. I have my eyes on a colour-changing one I saw in Waterstones!

Save money each month:

I’ve got so many things that I want to buy to decorate my flat and I can’t get myself to spend the money there and then. I want to change my habit of eating out and buying snacks and put the money I would’ve spent into my savings acount.

I’m going to be buying a holiday or a house in many years but I might be able to get better carpet.

*hides* I don’t have ANY carpet! I’m a little ashamed that I haven’t gotten any yet.

Drink more water:

I’ve been proud of myself for even drinking a little more than I used to. However, my little more is going from 2 glasses of water a day to 4. I know, I know!! I should be drinking the whole 8 glasses a day. I tend not to feel thirsty or get side-tracked by doing other things.

I’d love to purchase a plastic-free water bottle/flask that helps me track how much I’ve been drinking and keeps it cool.

If you have any good recommendations, let me know!

start a hobby:

One of the mental health triggers I’ve noticed lately is that I have time to spare. If I have time alone, I think. If I think, then my mood takes a bad turn. I really want to start a hobby early next year and I’m glad that I’m thinking of it now. I hate going out at night so if I can find one that helps during the day or easy to commute to, I’ll go!

There’s no point thinking of doing a hard hobby.

I’d love to take up sign language again or even work on photography so fingers crossed that they work out.

Spend more time with family:

This is a teeny unrealistic in the fact that the majority of my family lives in Northern Ireland.

To make up for the fact that I can’t constantly fly over, my spending time will be talking more over the phone, through WhatsApp and the odd postcard.

I tend to feel a little like a black sheep since most of my cousins are married, have families of their own and stuff like that. It isn’t until recently that I’ve started to understand things happen to different people. I just need to accept my differences and chat!

Snack less:

Gaaaah! The snacking this year has been absolutely horrendous!

The ironic thing is that all of my snacks have been healthy such as fruit, raw bars. The problem is the amount of snacks. A little trigger warning for anyone else who binge-eats: I have been getting up and eating bulk snacks when I’ve struggled.

Kind of makes me feel ill so need to change it by snacking less.

I do have lots of other realistic goals that I might end up doing but there’s no use setting too many. I’ll be put off otherwise!

What goals are you thinking of setting for 2020?



Why I Hate Winter More Than The Other Seasons

winterPhoto by Filip Bunkens on Unsplash

Autumn is slowly coming to an end and Winter hitting us next month, I am slowly starting to wonder whether I can hibernate. Out of all the seasons that we have to go through every year, winter is the one that I hate the most.

Hate is a strong word, isn’t it, Daisy?

Maybe but not when it comes to this awful season!!

Why do I detest it with such a passion? I’m glad you asked! I hope you’re ready for a little rant of past experiences and a general grumpy lady!

i hate the cold

I pretty much hate the extremes of both temperatures (too hot/too cold), but cold has an extra sting in the tail. The cold gives me chillblains!! If you don’t know what these are, then you have been blessed! They’re basically itchy, red bumps that can appear on your fingers and toes. It’s apparently a circulation thing, I think, and they made me sad.

They leave my toes all swollen and uncomfortable.

I can pop on warmer socks and use a Snowfire Ointment stick to ease the burning and the itch, but the cold still sucks!

the winter makes me extra clumsy

Anyone who knows me can tell you how clumsy I can get.

I trip over little things, I slip on stuff that shouldn’t be slippy or I bump into doors. The reason why this time of year makes me extra clumsy? The ice.

This might be a silly thing to admit but I actually have a phobia of ice/slipping.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been scared of slipping on ice. Back in 2010, I had slipped over twice on black ice, hitting the back of my head. It left me with a severe concussion and with a fuzzy left eye. It made extra terrified of slipping and, if I see ice outside, I instantly get intense anxiety. I’ll refuse to head out (even if I have an appointment) or I’ll take super long to get somewhere.

Baby steps.

I know you’re not meant to take these since you’re more likely to fall over; however, I can’t go any faster. In the last year I finally bought myself some grips for my shoes called Yaktrax and they’ve been a god-send!

I don’t like snow

Don’t get me wrong…falling snow is stunning and I think it makes everything look super clean and fresh. I love it even more when it disappears overnight. It’s when it falls…and falls…and freezes that makes me not like it.

I hate having to trudge through deep snow and super-thick ice.

Oh and don’t get me started on sludge!! That gets everywhere!

It’s heavy as well! I remember having to shovel snow off our driveway and off part of the road so my mum could reverse and get out. It would be amazing if councils could grit the little roads and pavements but they just don’t want us to sue if we fall!

i don’t have happy memories with it

I mentioned falling over a few times which isn’t amazing, but I have other memories that make me dislike it. One is when my mum slipped over on the ice, hit the side of a van and couldn’t get up. I was terrified that she’d seriously hurt herself or that she would get hypothermia! Thankfully she didn’t but still.

The other memory is going to sound super selfish.

Winter means my birthday.

Winter also means no-one wanting to come to my birthday parties.

Being socially awkward didn’t help with the whole friend thing yet winter just made everything ten times worse. No-one wanted to come in the snow and, since it’s so close after Christmas, no-one likes to meet up because they’re broke. I did say that it was a selfish reason. I totally get it. It just make birthdays a little lonely and not a special day.

What are your thoughts on winter? Do you love or hate?

Fandom Lifestyle

6 Bloggers & Vloggers I Loved During October

vloggersPhoto by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash

It doesn’t matter which month it is, I have certain bloggers and vloggers that I love to see content from. I guess I’m pretty loyal to the ones I love, though I do discovering new people to follow. If you have any recommendations for me after you’ve read this post, let me know in the comments!

We’re 2 days into November already which means I’m going to fangirl over some of my favourite content creators! I never know what to call people online sometimes. Some like to be influencers, others content creators or vloggers/youtubers! So many titles! At the end of the day, we all use a camera but we show our creativity in different ways!


this is how we bingham

It’s been a long time since I found a family on Youtube that I can love and feel excited to see a new vlog from, but I found that with the Binghams! They’re a brilliant family from Utah who loves to film their daily lives, go crazy over GoPro and show their faith. You have Branden, Mindy, Madison, Ryler, Krew, Brexsen and Hazyl! Oh, can’t forget Lazzy the cat who they saved from freezing to death a few years ago!

I’ve literally binge-watched all of their videos before and it’s amazing to see how they grow as a family! Other members of the family vlog as well: Life in Holland, Jared & Britt, Dan and Chelle and Sean Bingham!

They’re techically bloggers too since Mindy loves to add recipes that she creates


Have you ever wished you were smart enough to go to Cambridge University?

I know I do, but I’m living my dream through watching Paige vlogging about her course, chatting about studying and seeing her crazy friends! Haha! I’ve been watching her videos for just over 2 years and it’s so much fun! She has the same humour as me and has just started her 3rd year. She’s actually studying astrophysics as a module!!

So cool!

Pixie Potterhead

Everyone, meet the brilliant Rhiana!

How I didn’t discover her until a few months ago, I have no idea, but she knows I’m obsessed with her videos! She has an amazing Harry Potter youtube channel where she does unboxings, chats about theories and looks at different topics in the Potter-verse!

She is so fun and comes up with some really unique ideas for her videos, especially compared to others! If you love all things Potter (like me), then you will love her too!



Okay, this is definitely no mystery (especially to Jordan) that I love her and the work she does! She isn’t simply a fashion/beauty blogger but an up-and-coming West-End star and a major face on Instagram. She travels to so many different places around the world and takes us with her through her pictures!

She was recently in Legally Blonde: The Musical and she fangirls alongside me with Harry Potter and Disney!

I know she’s trying to get to 75K by the end of 2019 so, if I can send at least one person her way, I’ll be happy!


I’m slowly starting to realise that I follow a lot of bloggers who have ‘Miss’ in their name somewhere! I love it! I’ve been a follower of Katy for just over 4 years and everything about her posts makes me happy. It’s been an honour to watch her develop her image over the years and really showing what she is capable of creating through photography and editing!

I wish I had even a teeny bit of her editing genius!

She doesn’t only do these photos though! Her blog also focuses on lifestyle, travelling to different countries and, of course, food!! You can’t go wrong with people who review food before you! She is a massive inspiration to me and I’m seriously making it a goal for 2020 to collab with her on something!

Katy! Have your people call my people!

Lady Writes

I can thank Jenny for introducing me to Chloe and her blog! We’re part of a little commenting pod where we read each other’s posts and let them know what we think! I love how warm Chloe’s blog is which is a major factor to why I keep reading and also watching her Youtube videos!

She has a great style and I tend to look to her for fashion tips, skincare advice and lots of different things! Recently I’ve really been enjoying all of her reviews on the latest beauty advent calendars. I know I wouldn’t be able to afford them myself so at least I’ll be able to do what products are included and maybe get some ideas what to treat myself to!

These are only a handful of people who I loved last month! I’ve actually unfollowed a bunch of youtubers which is only natural as you grow up, but I’m so glad that I follow who I really enjoy. Maybe I’ll swap and change in November or stay the same? You know never know with me.

That’s the fangirl life for you!

Which bloggers/vloggers did you enjoy in October?


What Would Be My Perfect Morning Routine?

One thing that I’ve discovered in my 32 years of life is that the perfect morning routine doesn’t exist. Every morning is different and so many things can happen. You could be ill, you might not have slept, your cat/child may wake you up.

You get the idea.

It’s even more non-existent when your mental health declares war.

That said, I still wanted to create my own perfect morning routine. Obviously not all of this would happen right now, but I guess they might in future.

morning routinePhoto by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

getting a full night’s sleep

This sounds such a simple thing that everyone has but that isn’t the case. There are so many reasons why someone hasn’t had a great night’s sleep. Usually the same reasons for not having a decent morning routine in the first place! Mine tend to be a combination of:

  • Noisy neighbours
  • Insomnia
  • Pain
  • Low mood

You’d think that my medication would help me sleep but nope. I actually think one of them has the side effect of keeping you awake!

On my perfect morning, I will have had 8 hours of totally rested sleep. No waking up, no nightmares and gently. Nothing I hate more than being jolted out of my sleep! I would wake up to my Lumie Bodyclock slowly waking me up. If I only I had one of those clocks!

change into extra comfy slippers & robe

Another obvious one but I don’t own any comfy slippers or robe to put on!

It isn’t that I haven’t looked but I’m pretty picky with fabrics and how they feel on my skin. Hands up who else hates both itchy fabrics and the tags that stick in! I need my sleepwear and comfies to be extra snuggly and, if my mental health is low, I can hide in.

I haven’t worn a dressing gown in ages but I would something with a massive hood, long enough to maybe reach the back of my knees and very snug!

Do exercise and yoga before breakfast

This is something in a routine that I would love to do!

I did manage the exercise for a month or so but my anxiety kicked in with the gym and it fell to the side. I think I need to be able to get better workout clothes! To make this perfect, I would put on a Sweaty Betty outfit:

TOP: Colour Block Sweatshirt (£75) 
LEGGINGS: Super Sculpt High-Waisted Yoga Leggings (£95)
JACKET: North Pole Short Primaloft (£275) 

In a perfect morning, I’d be able to do the exercises at the gym with no worries or at home! A few vloggers I watch have been using an exercise bike called Peloton so I’d use that! You get an actual class to work with through wifi and that would make my social anxiety happy!

Eat a healthy breakfast

I already seem to be doing okay with my breakfast but I wish I could do more! If I could, I would be able to go to a local Wholefoods to grab a juice to enjoy! I do actually enjoy juices so maybe I should focus on getting a NutriBullet (£99.99) to make my own at home. It would be cheaper and much easier!

Though knowing me, I’d make something horrific! Haha!

If we’re going to go crazy and into fantasy terrortory, I would have my morning routine at a luxury hotel! It’s been nearly 4 years since I last stayed in a hotel like that! I’d probably choose to stay at either the Beverly Wilshire in West Hollywood or at Claridges in London!

morning routine

I can say from experience that the Beverley Wilshire makes an incredible breakfast!

treat my skin with a beauty routine

If there is anything I need, it’s looking after this skin of mine!

I don’t have too many products I use because I’ve been trying to figure out what my skin won’t react to! I have heard of some great products though that I could use such as the Morning Expert Vitamin C Mask (This Works), Daily Reviving Concentrate Serum (Kiehls) and L’Or De Vie La crème contour yeux et lèvres (Dior).

If I could afford the Dior product, I don’t think I’d have dark circles for days like now!

This is only an inkling of what would make my morning perfect! I could add also having a cat to snuggle up to while I’m waking up and maybe next year will let me get one!

Would would be in your perfect morning routine?



My Top 5 Herbal Teas For Autumn/Winter | Blogtober 2019

herbal teas

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, I always drink one of my herbal teas.

Yes, that’s right. I even drink of these teas during the heatwave this summer. I think I’m a little sane…but they were so good!

Now that the weather is much colder and I need to keep warm without putting on my heating, I will grab one of these five herbal teas from my cupboard! If I could, I would literally have a cupboard full of only tea. I might even do that at some point, but these are the ones I love to drink either daily or every few days.

Heath & Heather Organic Night Time

This tea is a new one to my cupboard and I think I saw Lea Michelle on Instagram using Heath & Heather so I decided to try. My sleep schedule is beyond shattered. I try to go to bed early but my mind refuses to turn off, leaving me to be up during the night. I’ve tried a few chamomile teas over the years but haven’t managed to find one that I liked.

This one is really good! It’s not too strong and is perfect for getting me ready for bed. It’s not a miracle worker for my sleep but it does help.

Pukka Feel New Organic Tea

Pukka is such an awesome brand! They make seriously yummy teas and I’ve been drinking them for years.  This is another new tea and I discovered this after watching Niomi Smart! She mentioned the Feel New tea in one of her vlogs and I was curious. I managed to find it in my local Boots and I’ve fallen in love!

This contains fennel, organic aniseed, cardamom, turmeric, coriander and licorice root.

Yum, right?! I hate licorice usually but you can’t taste it and I adore aniseed so win-win!

Pukka Vanilla Chai Tea

Another Pukka tea that I think is perfect for this time of year is the Vanilla Chai.

I discovered chai last year after drinking some in a vegan cafe and I was actually pleasantly surprised that I liked it. I had always thought that chai would taste nasty but far from it. It’s actually like the Feel New as it had the cardamom, fennel and licorice. It also has ginger and cinnamon!

A seriously warming drink when it’s freezing cold out there!

Twinings Superblends (Detox)

This, out of all my herbal teas, is one I can only drink every now and again.

It isn’t that it’s nasty but, personally, it’s strong! I was looking for other ways to detox my body a little and came across this in Tesco. I’ve been drinking lemon water every morning for a while and, when I saw this had lemon, I wanted to try.

Since it’s flu season, I wanted to have something that could help my immune system. In this little tea, it contains burdock root, fennel, ginger and added selenium. It’s a whopper!

Tetley Decaf Green Tea

The final tea in my top five is this Tetley Green tea! I faithfully drink this with my porridge every morning and it’s a lovely part of my routine. I wanted to have the decaf version because caffeine doesn’t sit well with me for some reason.

It’s just enough to make me feel better!

What herbal teas do you love to drink?


6 Organisational Things To Do At The Start Of Each Month | Blogtober 2019


Can you believe that it’s the start of November next week?! We’re getting so close to 2020 (and being organisational in my new diary!). I always love the start of a month because it’s like a new start every few weeks! Had a bad month in October? November may give you the chance to wipe that slate clean and let you try again. Obviously doesn’t work with everyone but it’s still fun to think!

One thing I always do on the 1st of every month or the 30th/31st is to try and get myself more organised. I do this so I don’t feel any added stress right at the start. Believe me, I get stressed at the tiniest thing.

What organisational things do i need to feel calm?

Set yourself some goals

Goals, goals, goals!! I’m a very goal-orientated person which is probably why I love making lists. Even my blog posts tend to be in a list format! Whoops! There is something about setting goals that makes me feel more in control with my life even when I’m struggling.

I grab my bullet journal and I jot down some bits that I want to work on during the month. That could be losing a few pounds, reading a certain amount of books or even reaching a blog target!

Clean out your bag/purse

They say there is nothing worse than a woman’s handbag and, due to personal experience with my own, it’s true! There are times when my bag literally looks like nothing but a bin, full of tissues, receipts and random stuff that shouldn’t be in there like a sock. That’s why it’s a good routine to get into to clean out both your bag and purse/wallet!

You never know what you might find in there! I’ve discovered all sorts down at the bottom which is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Buy birthday cards

I am SO guilty of missing birthdays!

It isn’t that I purposely forget them because most of the time I’ve written them down! I just get busy with other stuff that the day comes and goes before I’ve realised it. Something that I’m going to be starting in November is I’m buying and writing birthday cards early! That way I can have them ready to go and can post on time!

Wash your sheets

Does anyone else love the feeling of fresh bed linen? There is something so nice about knowing that you are clean and so is your bed! Plus it smells gorgeous too! Depending on how often you like to change your sheets, wash the sheets and pop on something nice and fresh! That reminds me: I really need to buy better looking duvet covers!

Plan some social time

What is a social life? I’ve never had one! Haha.

Now that we have our phones and iPads glued to our hands, we seem to slowly becoming less social offline. I am definitely guilty of this but I’ve never been social. People confuse me and I know that I confuse people! Try to book a few times during the month to hang out with friends and family.

You never know what you have until it’s gone so hold on tight!

Write down any appointments that you have

This, children, is when we get out our colorful pens! That’s what my teacher used to say at nursery. Kind of condesending but I liked my pens! I still do! I know that I will forget a lot of things if I don’t write them down in multiple places. That’s my organisational thing!

If I have any medical appointments or if I want to head to a class, I’ll look at what I’ve put in my phone during last month. I grab my wall calendar (I currently have a Fantastic Beasts one!) and my diary and colour-code everything. I usually go red for medical, blue for blogging, purple for any TV shows and yellow for any birthdays.

I probably have way too much fun for an adult! )By the way, does anyone remember smelly felt-tips?! I think they were Crayola and you could stamp teeny shapes with them!)

What organisational things do you like to do at the start of each month?


6 Tips For A Happy Indoor Cat | Blogtober 2019

indoor cat

A fact that you might have heard in passing is that black cats are still the most common breed to not be adopted at rescue centres. It’s sad, isn’t it? People seem to carry on having this fear that black cats are unlucky to own. Whereas I did love that Jewel was a black cat, she was more than that. She was an indoor cat that loved to growl at visiting cats to our garden. She hated men and loved to snack on bits of melon.

Yep, you read that right.


I’ve had a couple of friends asking if I didn’t feel a bit guilty for keeping her inside.  I told them that it wasn’t my choice to keep Jewel inside. You basically can’t tell a cat to do anything they don’t want to do. She was like me in the fact that she wasn’t all that interested. She’d go into her garden, patrol that and sleep in the sun but never any further.

Next week will mark a whole year since she joined my parents in Heaven and it’s been a tough one. Since I did have her for over 20 years, I wanted to share some of my kitty wisdom with any others who are looking to get an indoor cat and keep it happy!

01: Listen to your cat

I don’t just mean it yowling at you during the night to feed it or meowing to open the bathroom door. Those you can choose to ignore if you want! I mean listen to its other needs. Once you’ve had your cat for a while, you’ll find yourself falling into something of a routine. That doesn’t mean your cat will pay any attention to yours but they learn to live with it.

If you have a garden that is protected by a fence, don’t be afraid to let them out. It’s always a bit freaky at first because you’re terrified that they’ll run off as soon as your back is turned. Most of the time they just want a bit of air. It can get a little stuffy when you’re indoors for a long time so it’s a nice change of pace for them!

See them eating grass? Don’t stop them!

They’re eating that to help with their digestion and grass is pretty good for them. Though you might not think it when you’re cleaning up after them later.

o2: be mindful of house plants

It’s such an obvious thing but some may not realise how dangerous certain plants can be for any cat. That and how curious they can be to eat them! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make your home smell and look pretty, but you do have to consider where you put them.

Watch out for these plants in particular: lillies and chrysanthemum. They’re poisonous!

You could try spider plants or even baby rubber plants! They may not look bright but it’s sometimes better to be mindful of your cat rather be deadly.

03: Pick a decent scratching object

Jewel was one of those cats that were particularly stubborn with what she wanted to scratch on. I tried scratching posts, scratching boards and lots of other things but she was always set on destroying my doorframe.

If you’re getting a young cat, try discovering what kind of material that they like to scratch. Since an indoor cat can’t keep their claws sharp and take their claw sheaves off naturally from outside, they need something decent to do it for them in the house. You could have big rope, tight rope, strong fabric…you name it, a cat might scratch it.

You just have to listen like I mentioned earlier. They might scratch because they’re bored,  they might enjoy it (torture is their favourite fun!) or they might even be nervous. Blue Cross has some great tips on understanding cats!

indoor cat

04: Keep them active

Cats can be like children! They love to run around as quickly as they can, sometimes chase their tail and often tripping or falling. They can be a little dim sometimes but you’ve got to love them! One of the problems indoor cats face, other than getting bored, is that they can put on weight easier.

Yeah, literal fat cats!

This gives you permission to buy all the fun toys! You could have one of those fishing rod things with feathers on the end, you could have a specific laser point for cats, you could try a motor mouse for it to chase! There are so many amazing things for them to play with. That or you could just dangle your fingers, watch their bum wiggle and hope you’re fast enough to move your head away in time!

You might need to watch their portion sizes too!

05: Give them a safe place

This one could be used for indoor or outdoor cats when they’re at home.

Now cats are moving onto their teenage stage when they want to ‘go to their room’ and have a place of their own that feels safe and uninvaded. That could be anywhere for a cat since they love to sneak into the smallest of spaces. I once found Jewel in one of my drawers!

You might have to spy on your cat a little bit to see where they love going to but you’ll soon see which places they run to hide in.

A safe space is even more vital when you just moved. Your cat might get overwhelmed by all the new space and the new smells. Find a room that you won’t mind having them in for a while, pop something down that smells of you and give them a little bit to get used to that room. When they feel more comfortable, they’ll come out to explore!

06:  Find a friend (or adopt 2 together)

A cat that doesn’t want to be alone? It’s not a myth. It’s true! Cats actually do get lonely if they’re left on their own for long periods of time. Boredom can be such a pain for them. If you adopt a pair together, see how things go. They might be get on really well and be fine but then they could eventually get sick of each other. This could be the case if they’ve grown up together. You never know what it’s in a cat’s head!

Friends will keep each other company and provide entertainment for the other. Though they could end up being mischeivous so good luck! Haha!

If you’ve got an indoor cat, what advice do you have? If you don’t, would you consider getting one?


4 Favourite Alternative Comic/Print Illustrators | Blogtober 2019

comicPhoto by Kasturi Roy on Unsplash

Something that I’ve really started loving in the last few years is reading comic strips from particular illustrators. They’re so much fun to read and some are actually relatable depending on who is drawing them. I’ve wanted to write this post for a while so Blogtober is a good enough time to do it, don’t you think?

Let’s see if you’ve heard any of my favourite comic illustrators!

Sarah Andersen

Out of all the illustrators that I adore, Sarah has to be the most relatable!

I follow her on Twitter and I know for a fact that whatever she draws will make me either laugh, smile or both. She has a similiar sense of humour to me and seems to love cats! That’s at least what it seems to me! Haha!

I have her ‘Taking Care Of’ print in my office because oh my days…do I relate to it! I’m able to look after everyone and everything well but when it comes to me, I just don’t care. I’m working on sorting that but this still makes me giggle!

If you want to read some of her comics, follow her on Twitter!

Alice Oseman

Alice!! I never thought I’d be drawn to comics until I read Alice’s comic ‘Heartstopper‘.

I first came across it while I was on Tumblr and this was even before I started reading her YA novels. I just instantly fell in love with her characters Nick and Charlie. They were all so adorable and there needs to be more LGBTQ+ illustrations like this in the universe.

What recently excited me was getting the chance to read Volume 2 to Heartstopper! A physical copy that I can read when it’s raining or simply when I need something fluffy, cute and angsty!

Today is extra special because it’s Alice’s birthday!! Go and wish her a happy one if you’ve read any of her work!

Lingvistov (Landysh & Asia)

These guys are only a recent discovery but I’ve become obsessed with their work. What’s the common link between them and Sarah? They create drawings about sassy cats and stuff that everyone can easily relate to!

You should see my Pinterest section on cats! I think a lot of it consists of their work and I’m not ashamed at all!

I reckon every cat owner will just nod at every cat print you see!

Katie Abey

Alright…let’s end with a local illustrator that I think it’s not only super cool but very colourful! That is Katie Abey! I think quite a lot of people will have seen some of Katie’s work especially if they love Harry Potter!

She creates these fun puns based on Harry Potter and some of the characters.

I managed to visit her newish Potter store in Matlock called Punnydukes and it’s like walking into Willy Wonka’s factory. It has colour and personality everywhere you look! I know Katie has an actual personal shop in Alfreton so I may have to give that a try when I get the chance.

Do you have any illustrators that you love to see work from?