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An Anxiety Guide To September 1st at King’s Cross

September 1st

For the last 5 years I’ve been going to Kings Cross every September 1st to celebrate when everyone goes back to Hogwarts. Do we care that it’s only a fictional event? Nope! Do we wish we could go back? Heck yes! I’m still waiting for that darn acceptance letter.

I loved the idea of being in an area full of other Harry Potter fans where you can meet new people, chat about theories and your Houses and get ready for when 11am hits. Kings Cross is an incredible place to be especially as they embrace ‘Back To Hogwarts’ with an announcement over the tannoy.

As the years have gone by the crowds have gotten bigger! Last year was a lot busier since Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law turned up. Everyone was super excited and I was gutted that I didn’t get a chance to be there earlier. My anxiety has increased with the crowds so I thought I’d try to create a bit of an anxiety guide.

get to the station early

If you’re able to then try to get to Kings Cross a bit earlier. It might still be a working station but that you can still find areas that are quiet like the food court or outside. You can take your time to relax and maybe even go to the Platform 9 3/4 shop to look around. They have this incredible mini trunk you can get with your initials on!

take a friend

One of my triggers is feeling overwhelmed and by myself. It’s kind of ironic I feel that way since I usually prefer being on my own. Busy situations tend to make me a little clingy so I try to take a friend or meet up with a friend each September 1st. I don’t feel alone with my anxiety if I have someone to chat to. Even if I chat with someone new and make a new friend that way!

try using bachs remedy

Bachs Rescue Remedy is a product I’ve been using for a few years whenever I’ve been out and about. I first used the drops which taste amazing but they were a bit too awkward to bring around with me. When I saw that I could get chewing gum or pastilles, it made my life much easier.  Whenever I feel my anxiety flaring I can chew on my gum and it helps. No-one needs anxiety getting in the way of their Potter time!

know when to leave

I know you’ll want to have as much fun as possible but you also need to know when the right time to leave is. It can be so frustrating to leave something early but you need to think about yourself. No fandom or event is worth triggering your mental health and causing you to have an attack. Whether you have to leave before 11am or immediately after…it’s okay.

Will you be going to September 1st this year? How do you cope with your anxiety?


Harry Potter

Hogwarts Stationery & Supply Ideas | Back To School


Gryffindor Lunch Bag (£16) | Mini Hogwarts School Trunk (£39) | Honeydukes Eraser Set (£17.99) | Hogwarts School Backpack (£18.95) | Deluxe Stationery Set (£7) | Hogwarts Flip-Top Bottle (£6) | Harry Potter Exercise Books (£4) | Harry Potter Travel Mug (£8)

It might still be the beginning of August but right now lots of kids and their parents are in the process of getting ready to go back to school/college/university! Even if I’m excited for this Back-To-School season purely because I’m addicted to stationery and there are so many incredible offers around during this time! Of course, on September 1st, everyone is heading back to Hogwarts from Kings Cross!

Cue Harry Potter school supply post!

Gryffindor Lunch Bag

You can’t have school without focusing on the time in your day…lunch!! I wish lunch bags like this had existed when I was at primary school but nope. I’m living through all the kids! This lunch bag has a carry handle, a zipped opening to keep things inside the bag and insulation inside to make sure your sandwiches are kept cool! There is only a Gryffindor bag on the website which is sad but you could get a Hogwarts one or a chibi Potter bag!

Mini Hogwarts School Trunk

This is like THE dream bag to own! Look at it! I’ve always wanted to own a Hogwarts school trunk with my initials on it but it was either only available in another country or too expensive! This is the closest I would get to owning one and it isn’t too much either! Not only would you get a trunk with your name on it but you’d get a personalised Hogwarts letter too!

Honeydukes Eraser Set

If you’ve ever wanted the sweets from Honeydukes to last whenever you’ve bought them or been given as a present, then you can’t go wrong with these erasers! These little erasers are so cute!! You get a mini Jelly Slug, Chocolate frog, Sugar skull and Cauldron cake! Perfect for any little Scorpius Malfoy out there!

Hogwarts School Backpack

School always means trying to find that perfect bag or backpack to carry all your books and stationery! My school never let us have crazy backpacks like this. We had to have plain and simple which was so boring! If only I could have had a Hogwarts one to take with me! Remember to carry too much in your bag or you’ll get shoulder/back ache!

Deluxe Stationery Set

Lately Sainsburys has been incredible with selling cheaper Harry Potter products! I never knew they did so much! You can’t jot down work or make it look cool without some stationery and who else wouldn’t love owning some deluxe Gringotts stationery! I imagine the goblins would be very happy to know that you own one!

Hogwarts Flip-Top Bottle

It’s so important to keep yourself hydrated when you’re at school! Whether it’s in class, during break/lunch or heading home. I know some primary schools have water taps that students can drink from or fill up their bottle but not sure about secondary! Still keep hydrated, big kids at college/university!!

Hogwarts Vintage Exercise Books (2pk)

If you watched Crimes of Grindewald then you will know that there were a few flashbacks into Newt and Leta’s time at Hogwarts! The genius people at Mina Lima created these vintage school books for the students and I love them so much! Simple yet classic! Those guys can never create anything wrong in my eyes. You can get these exercise books at Sainsburys right now! RUN!

Hogwarts Travel Mug

This mug is for all of you people who have to commute! Early mornings can be super hard especially when you have to catch a bus or get a train! It’s even harder when it’s winter! With a travel mug you can put your favourite hot drink to keep yourself awake during the morning! Plus it stops you having to buy a hot drink!

What do you love to buy during back to school season?

Books Harry Potter

Review | Calling All Witches by Laurie Calkhoven

Calling All Witches

It feels like forever since I last did a book review so here is a brand new one for you, of course, all about Harry Potter called Calling All Witches! Not just Harry Potter for a change but all the females in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts universe. When I say all the females, I mean ALL OF THEM! Not just the main ones. I saw this book on my wander around Waterstones and fell in love with the illustrations. You could tell they were based off the actresses who played them but there were definitely little differences!


Doesn’t Hermione look beautiful?! You get the name of the character, 3 words to describe them, a quote about that character and then a few paragraphs chatting about more about their journey. I love how there isn’t pages and pages on detail because we already know and love these ladies and so many books are there already with all the detail you can want. Calling All Witches also has little topics you can work on about specific characters such as what you remember and so on!

Luna’s page definitely has to be one of my favourites because it really shows off her style and charm compared to the others. We obviously have a copy of The Quibbler, a thestral (because that’s how she and Harry really start to connect), some Spectospecs, her cork charm to keep away the Nargles and Ravenclaw’s diadem which is a Horcrux! I think the Ginny page up above describes more the book version rather than the film version but that’s just my opinion! Haha!

I love that we got to see Laurie’s take on how the more minor characters looked if they weren’t featured more in the films such as Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw! Helga looked so sweet and Rowena so radiant! We also got to see more of Alice Longbottom, Lily Potter and Bunty (from Fantastic Beasts!). I wish we could have seen more of them but I will happily accept their little mentions in this!

What are your thoughts on Calling All Witches and who is your favourite witch in the series?

Fandom Harry Potter

11 Magical Harry Potter Gift Ideas For Witches & Wizards

gift ideas

I know it’s not Christmas but there are so many opportunities to get gifts for different occasions such as birthdays, graduations, new babies…you name it, there is someone who needs a gift. I’m going to pick 20 gifts for that special witch or wizard in your life!

for the little witches & wizards

“When In Doubt, Go To The Library” Onesie Set (£38.92)

This set is adorable!! For any parents that end up calling their daughter Hermione or have a little one that may grow up to love books, this set would be amazing! I found this on Etsy and fell in love with it! With the set you get a onesie with the quote on the front, a Quidditch beanie, a Quidditch pair of leggings and some headbands! The onesie is organic so should be good for anyone who worries. The onesie has some built-in mittens, the leggings have a yoga-type waistband so it isn’t uncomfortable for a newborn, the hat has a hidden seam inside so it doesn’t rub on your baby’s head and the headband actually stretches as they grow!

I Roar For Gryffindor Sleepsuit and Bib Set (£4.95)

For any teeny Gryffindors out there, I think they would love this set. They get to show off their House colours at bed-time or around their home and have a bib to keep everything all nice and tidy! The bib does say ‘Future Wizard’ but I’m sure a little girl would love the sleepsuit to show off what a brave little girl she is! It’s actually been reduced from £14 to £4.95 so yay bargains!

Honeydukes T-Shirt (£10)

What I wouldn’t give for this t-shirt to come in adult size! It’s so cute! I have one major sweet tooth and don’t think I’d have many teeth left if I had magical sweets. It has sugar quills, chocolate frogs, Bertie Botts and other sweets sticking out of the pocket and over the t-shirt!

Hogwarts Boy PJs with shorts (£10)

No kid likes to be hot at night so, for any wizards from 5-6 years all the way to 12-13 years, I bet they would love! What is really cool about the PJ top is the design on front. Hogwarts is all designed and connected like constellations and it’s stunning. I think a Scorpius Malfoy would have liked this as a kid.

For the guys

Deathly Hallows Men’s T-Shirt (£14.99)

Something I’m always jealous of the guys for having and that is that they have amazing nerdy t-shirts! They’re so cool and creative! Look how cool this Deathly Hallows t-shirt is. It’s obviously the shape but it’s made out of words of the 3 elements that make it: the Invisibility Cloak, the Elder Wand and the Resurrection Stone. Together they make the Master of Death. So simple but amazing!

Charms Men’s T-Shirt (£14.99)

Another brilliant t-shirt! It is black with rainbow writing that labels some of the spells and charms used in Harry Potter along with the wand movements too! I’d probably get arrested for staring too much at a guy’s chest and trying to copy the wand movements too much.

Deathly Hallows Wallet (£13.45)

Every time a guy and he pays for something, he has a wallet so why not gift your special man with this beautiful Deathly Hallows wallet. I promise there are tons of men products that aren’t just this symbol…I just think it looks cool! It has the main Deathly Hallows in the middle but it also has tons of teeny ones engraved into the fabric!

For the ladies

Harry Potter Wand Necklace (£25)

This is something on my Christmas wishlist or birthday wishlist! I’ve been meaning to treat myself to it for so long and, if I do well with my mental health in the next few months, I’m going to get it. This is a silver-plated replica of Harry’s wand that you can get from WB Studio Tour London! As well as Harry’s, you can get Dumbledore’s and Hermione’s wands! A little sad that Ron has been left out again but maybe he’ll be added at a later date? Please?

Wingardium Leviosa Kit (£10)

One of my favourite scenes in the Harry Potter films has to be the moment Hermione is trying to teach Ron how to perform Wingardium Leviosa! This special set actually lets you levitate a feather just like Hermione. You even get her wand to do it with her. Maybe you’ll have the magic touch that will have Hogwarts contacting you!

Marauder’s Map Shoes (£32.99)

If the Vans x Harry Potter collection is too expensive for you right now, then you can pick out these Marauder’s Map shoes from EMP as a gift! They are just as cool-looking and it has the little shoeprints wandering around them! So cute and only half the price!

Loungefly Magical Creatures Purse (£32.99)

You can’t have a Harry Potter gift ideas list without something from Loungefly! This is another brand I would like to work with one day because they have such beautiful purses and other fandom items such as bags, lunch-boxes, tablet cares and more! I love all the little details on this purse showing different magical creatures from the series like Fawkes, a thestral and Hedwig!

What would be on your Potter gift ideas list?


Harry Potter

Reacting To #WizardsUnite Trailer | Daisy Reacts

Wizards UniteGraphic belongs to WB Games

It’s almost here!! After what seems like literally forever, WB Games/Portkey Games are finally about to release the incredible new Harry Potter app Wizards Unite! I’ve been following these guys since the early days and I have been chomping at the bit to get started with this! Yesterday we were treated to a trailer that literally felt like it was part of the films! I actually want a TV show with the guys in it because they were awesome! It’s only right that I react to the trailer and give you my honest opinions…like the Potterhead I am!

Okay…we start off with a news broadcast and see a woman frantically sticking stuff to her flat! I immediately got Sherlock vibes from this where he would have a crime and stick stuff up so he can look for patterns and connections to different things! I love it! There’s a great newspaper cutout that says ‘Escaped platypus runs amok in coastal town’! That poor Niffler…being misunderstood by the muggles! The woman has to be a witch since she knew what he really was!

There’s a massive bang and we see a snitch hovering outside the window! Where is Harry and Draco to go chase down that snitch?! We then see black smoke trails and, if you know Potter, you know those trails mean Deatheaters! Oh heck!

DEMENTORS?! IN THE MUGGLE WORLD?! They’re chasing someone too!! RUNNNN!

I’m so going to bring a wand with me with my phone so I can look this epic!! I wonder what wand type this lady has! The Ollivander in me is curious! Haha.

The guy who uses his wand to float a flake onto his icecream is mood!! You have to admit that you’d probably do the same if you had magic!


I love how the two guys are all psyched up to take on these deatheaters and the young lady is like ‘noooo! I know magic but I don’t want to fight those!’. Seeing the guys as possible Gryffindors and the girl…Ravenclaw? What do you think?

The wand fights!! I missed those even if it’s only been a few months since Crimes of Grindewald! They look so cool! I definitely want to see these guys doing more stuff! Please can we have a Wizards Unite show with them or at least know their names!

Woo!! The boot porkey saves the day!!

Merlin’s beard!! She’s actually using Hagrid’s umbrella wand! That has to be the best prop ever!

Awww! Cute little moment with the Niffler! Just randomly collecting its gold while everything us going crazy and icy around it. Newt would be questioning everything right there.

As soon as I saw that the Dementor was giving the Dementor’s Kiss, I immediately wanted to find a way to help him because that is one nasty way to go! It reminded me a lot of Harry being targeted in Order of the Phoenix!

Oooo!! She did Expecto Patronum (though she said a little weird at the end)…I wonder what her Patronus was?


So most of these thoughts for Wizards Unite probably don’t make any sense at all because I was freaking out as I watched the trailer. It honestly felt more like a TV promo for a new show on Netflix or something. I would totally go for that because TV needs more Wizarding World on it! The app will be released this Friday (21st June) so get ready! I’m going to find a way to battle with you guys!

What are your thoughts on the Wizards Unite app trailer?



Doctor Who Fandom Harry Potter

New In Fandom | July 2019 (Harry Potter, Dr Who, RWBY…)


The Lion King: Animated Classics (Hardcover) (8th July – £10.99) | Toy Story 4: Alien (1st July – £9.99) | Harry Potter & Dobby Action Figure (8th July – £197.90) | Gryffindor and Slytherin Tiny Book Hardcover (29th July – £5.99 each) | Harry Potter 2019-2020 Weekly Planner (1st July – £16.99) | Harry Potter Hogwarts Coasters Book (25th July – £16.99) | Are You As Clever as The Doctor Puzzle Book (4th July – £5.99) | Harry Potter Origami (4th July – £8.99) | RWBY: After The Fall (1st July – £6.99) | Weiss Schnee Pop Vinyl (14th July – £9.99)

Hey guys and welcome back to another ‘What’s new in fandom’ post that nobody cares about! Yaaay! Haha! There are some amazing things coming out in July especially since so much is being released! Lots of Harry Potter as always with a sprinkling of Doctor Who and a dash of Disney and RWBY! Let’s get started!

The Lion King: Animated Classics

I think I must have seriously been under a rock to miss this series of Disney classics! I didn’t know they existed until I went on the Forbidden Planet website! Now I know and in perfect time for The Lion King! I cannot wait to see the story that I love accompanied with animator drawings next to it! The Simba and Mufasa moments get me in any form! *sniff*

You can get The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Dumbo, Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty as well!

Toy story 4 alien vinyl pop

The clawwww! Out of all the characters in Toy Story that I’ve watched over the years, my firm favourites have always been the aliens! They’re just fun and I always rewatch the moment in the claw machine when they think it’s the mothership there to take them hope. Even typing it is making me giggle. Do you have any favourite characters?

Harry Potter & Dobby Action Figure

Oof! The price on this! To be honest with you guys I wouldn’t pay nearly £200 for this figure. I can understand why some Potter fans would be but not me. That being said I still wanted to include it on my list because it looks so good!! The attention to detail is so good! Yes, I did squint at the Harry figure to see if he had green eyes but couldn’t tell on the picture. Let me know if you have better eyesight than me and see if they are green or blue!

The uniform looks so comfy, as do the robes! The fun thing you can do with Harry is you can change his hand positions with different hands! You also get little props to give him too such as The Marauders Map, a sock, his wand, Hedwig and the Monster Book of Monsters! Dobby looks just like the film version…whoooooa!


Gryffindor & Slytherin Tiny Book Hardcover

According to the Forbidden Planet website, these little books are all about the Harry Potter films and each House edition chats about the specific House with fun artwork and some behind-the-scenes. I could only see Gryffindor and Slytherin so hopefully we’ll get teeny Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw books as well! Fingers crossed!

Harry Potter 2019-2020 Weekly Planner

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, follow!), I shared a pic of the 2019 weekly planner I had bought from Waterstones! It’s such a gorgeous planner and perfect for this weird little Potter fan! When I saw that a new planner was coming out next month I knew that I had to add it to my buy list! I find planners so helpful for different things and the fact that it features the Marauders Map fits in perfectly with the Prisoner of Azkaban anniversary!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Coasters Book

Okay, this has to be the most random book ever created for Harry Potter but I’m still going to own it! As someone who has many cups of tea a day, you always need a coaster! I need Hufflepuff coasters in my life!

Are You As Clever As The Doctor Puzzle Book

Look! Something that isn’t Harry Potter!! It’s safe to say that I’m not as clever as The Doctor because she’s like how old now?! If you’re a Whovian who loves logic problems, riddles and pencil-and-paper games! This old brain could do with some puzzles to keep it working so let’s see what she has in store for me!

Harry Potter Origami

You know how I said the coasters were the most random book? Well, now we have origami! They really are pushing Harry Potter to all corners of the craft world, aren’t they? Haha! I’ve always loved the idea behind origami and the fact that you have specific paper to fold into Potter things!! We get to fold a Howler! YAY!

RWBY: After The Fall

You may not know this about me but I’m actually a pretty big RWBY fan! If you’ve never heard of RWBY, I’ll check the link so you can watch five of the volumes!! It’s so good! You may love this if you’re a fan of the Brothers Grimm! This book follows one of the teams from Beacon Academy (the school) called Team CFVY (Coffee)! I’ve always wanted to know so much more about this team and cannot wait to see what craziness they get up to! It’s probably best if you watch Volumes 1 to 3 before you read this since it has major spoilers!

Weiss Schee Vinyl Pop

Weiss is one of the main characters in RWBY (she’s the W in the name!) and is nicknamed ‘The Ice Queen’ by her friends. Watch the show and you’ll know why! I think she’s an amazing character who is very sassy, tries to hide that she cares through quick remarks but cracks around friends and has an amazing weapon! She is based off Snow White so Disney fans would love RWBY too!

Have you got anything else nerdy that you’re excited for in July?

Doctor Who Fandom Harry Potter

New In Fandom | May/June 2019

May June Fandom 2019

Calling All Witches (£9.99 – 1st June) | Prisoner of Azkaban: House Editions (£7.99 – 13th June) | Prisoner of Azkaban: House Hardback (13th June – £14.99) | Tardis Scarf (£12.99) | Captain Marvel Patch T-Shirt (£14.99 – 3rd May) | Captain Marvel Loungefly Bag (£67.99) | Avengers: Endgame Tech Suit Hoodie (£58.49 – 5th May) | The Princess, The Scoundrel and The Farm Boy (£5.99 – 23rd June)

Another month, another question of how on earth it has gone so quick! It’s almost May and so much is coming out in all the different fandoms I love! I decided to push together May and June because you can never go wrong with a 2 for 1 bundle like this! Between books and fashion, we’re going to be very spoiled!

Calling All Witches

I’ve been waiting for a book like this for a long time and wish it was longer than 96 pages! I’d always hoped that the ladies of Harry Potter would finally get more love and now they do! From Hermione Granger to Tina Goldstein, we’ll be getting a bunch of our favourite witches to fawn over!

Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban (House Editions)

You guys know that I’ve been adoring all of the House editions of the Potter books! I’ve gotten all the editions for Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets so it’s no surprise that I’ve pre-ordered the Hufflepuff copies of Prisoner of Azkaban! Think we can get June here faster please?

Tardis Scarf

I used to adore buying scarves when I was younger but lost interest for a while since I could never find any others that went with what I chose to wear! That said, look at this Tardis scarf!! It’s the perfect blue and I adore all of the teeny Tardis scattered all over! It feels like it’s very space-themed too which fits Doctor Who perfectly.

Captain Marvel Patch T-Shirt

With Avengers: Endgame out in cinemas, I had to include some Captain Marvel items in what is coming out in the next couple of months! I don’t own as many fandom t-shirts as I’d like and I love the look of this one! It feels like very 90s band and everyone should fan over Carol purely because Brie Larson makes her very bad-ass!

Captain Marvel Loungefly Bag

Lately I’ve seen so much about the brand ‘Loungefly’ who creates these incredible nerdy bags that I wish I could own! A couple of my friends own some Disney ones and, when I saw this Captain Marvel one, I fell in love! Wouldn’t be able to afford almost £68 but I can still admire from afar! If you have the money and love this, can I share ownership? Haha!

Avengers: Endgame Tech Suit Hoodie

You don’t have to have seen Avengers: Endgame to what to own this comfy-looking hoodie! I won’t say why this tech suit is super important but I love any excuse to buy a nerdy hoodie! I’m actually hoping to buy a Hufflepuff one from the Studio Tour soon to keep myself all snug when the British weather goes a little psycho!

The Princess, The Scoundrel and The Farm Boy

I didn’t even know that this book was coming out and, now that I do, I need it on my book shelf! I love the meeting between Princess Leia, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker! It’s full of action, sass and the start of a beautiful trio! If this plot doesn’t get you interested, there is also Power of the Dark Side and So You Want To Be A Jedi!

What fandom items are you looking forward to in May and June?

Fandom Harry Potter

Being A Grown Fan Who Loves YA Fandoms


Something that I’ve discovered growing up as a fan is that there are lot of people who feel that once you reach a certain age, you have to stop loving a fandom. If you grow out of loving something, then that I can understand but if you still love something but are told that you’re too old, that I don’t get. I’ve been reading so much recently how adults are almost preventing teens from reading YA because they’re seen in the section so I want to chat about what I think about being a grown up who loves YA fandoms.

Hello there! I’m Daisy, I’m in my 30s and here are some fandoms that I like and could be considered too young for me:

  • Harry Potter
  • Disney
  • YA books
  • Miraculous Ladybug
  • Pokemon

You’re probably looking at that list and thinking ‘I like that and I’m in my 20s/30s! I’m not too old!’. Believe me, there will be at least one person out there that will find you one day and tell you otherwise and it’s crazy!

I was once at my local Tesco wearing a Tweetie-Pie t-shirt and, when I was at the checkouts, the older man serving me looked at the t-shirt and said “Don’t you think you’re a little old to be wearing a t-shirt like that? You’re a woman who looks in her 20s wearing a cartoon”. I was stunned and wondered if I’d heard him properly. I immediately told him that it didn’t matter whether I was too young or too old I liked Disney and that I would appreciate it if he kept those opinions to himself.

My mum said I should have reported him for being rude but I didn’t see the point. It was the last time I wore that t-shirt regardless of what I’d told him. It’s not the first time I’ve been judged for liking something that others think is too young for my age and it won’t be the last! You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve had people looking over at any grownup in the YA section or looking at Disney clothes at Primark!

I try to be patient with these people and explain my reasons for loving what I do.

Like so many other people my age, I grew up with fandoms like Harry Potter, Disney and Pokemon so is it really a surprise that I still love them to this day. I have had moments when I have wondered whether I am too old to like them but I’ve started to understand that I shouldn’t have to. If these make me happy, then there is nothing wrong! I

I don’t particularly care what others think. They’re entitled to their opinion but it won’t stop me loving these fandoms. I will still wear Harry Potter t-shirts/hoodies out to the shops, I was still watching Disney films and sing the songs, I was still want kid films at the cinema and feel all fuzzy on the inside and I will still buy children’s and YA books.


I love them.

Never let others dictate what you should or shouldn’t love if it makes you happy. Age is nothing but a number! Now, if you don’t mind, I’m off to the kids section on Netflix to re-watch The Dragon Prince!

What are your thoughts about grown-ups liking younger fandoms? What fandoms do you love?

Doctor Who Fandom Harry Potter

25 Nerdy Things To Do When You’re Trying To Ignore The Rain


If there is anything known worldwide about UK, it’s that our little island loves rain! We don’t but it does. Well, it loves throwing a bunch of different weather at us all in one day. Rain just happens to be the most common!

Since it feels like forever since I’ve done a fandom post, I felt like sharing a few nerdy things you can do on a rainy day!

  1. Watch your favourite DVDs
  2. Watch some Marvel films/box-sets
  3. Read books based on your favourite fandom or comics
  4. Write your own blog post about something nerdy
  5. Write a fanfiction on your favourite fandom in the rain
  6. Try to create a recipe inspired by a fandom
  7. Have a nerdy conversation with friends
  8. Create a wishlist of items you wish you owned
  9. Draw (or attempt to draw in my case) one of your favourite characters
  10. Attempt to convince friends why you ship your favourite fandom couple(s)
  11. Create a playlist of music inspired by your fandom
  12. Learn to play a song from the TV show/film on an instrument
  13. Pretend to be a character for the entire day
  14. Watch nerdy vloggers while ignoring the rain outside
  15. Sort yourself (or resort yourself) into a Hogwarts House on Pottermore
  16. Sort different fandom characters into Hogwarts Houses
  17. Tweet the cast of a TV show/film
  18. Create a fan blog for something
  19. Create a dance inspired by a scene
  20. Create a cosplay out of what you have in your wardrobe
  21. Subscribe to a fandom subscription box
  22. Purchase some funko pops
  23. Have a debate with your family about why it’s cool to be a fangirl/fanboy
  24. Attempt a fandom-inspired workout
  25. Repeat

What things do you love to do to ignore the rain?

Fandom Harry Potter

My Visit To Katie Abey’s Punnydukes


You guys know how much I love Harry Potter and, if you’ve seen a few of my gift guides, you’ll know I love trying to show off some of my favourite Etsy finds. I love how talented people can be so when I heard that there was going to be a Harry Potter shop called Punnydukes opening in Matlock…I had to go there!

I first heard of Katie Abey through her hilarious designs on Etsy and literally fell in love with them! They always brought a smile to my face especially with her sarcastic quotes such as her ‘I Love You More Than Cats‘ card or her Hufflepugs!

Literally had no clue that she was opening a specific fandom shop until I saw a few of my Harry Potter friends being invited to a VIP event. Unfortunately I couldn’t go (I did get an invite!) so I waited until I knew I would have plenty of time to go.

That day was this week and I literally in awe from the very first step through the Dumbledoor! (One of her puns hence why it’s called Punnydukes! Haha!)

The first person I met was Natalie (who was the sweetest and most patient person to put up with this weird little fangirl) and the Lord of the Rings music! Yes, this shop literally plays different nerdy music such as Disney, Harry Potter and more!



What is super cool about this shop (other than the fact that it has cool music and makes you feel as if you’ve somehow walked into Luna Lovegood’s mind) is that it sells designs and merchandise from other Etsy people! What a brilliant way of discovering artists! I saw so many fandom prints, pins, mugs and everything else you could think! It’s safe to say that my bank will be broken soon when I go back to visit and buy everything possible!

Oh oh oh! If you spend over £10 in the shop, then you get given a gem to put into your House hourglass (just like Hogwarts). Not to be a big-headed Hufflepuff but we’ve won twice so bring it on everyone! Punnydukes knows what we like!




Have a bit of a potty mouth and like designs with a few rude words? Head into the little room with a lot of Katie’s fun designs! My favourites have to be the Honest Rainbow Cats and the Bohemian Catsody!

If you want more of Katie’s designs and you can’t visit Derbyshire right now, then you have her Etsy shop at the beginning and she also has a few of books you can buy: We Eat Bananas and We Wear Pants!



Have you ever visited an independent Harry Potter shop? If not, tell me your best fandom pun!