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Review | Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Illustrated Edition

goblet of fire

It’s October 8th and that means it’s the publication day for the new Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Illustrated Edition.

I’ve been super excited for this book to be released because it actually has Hufflepuff mentioned a whole bunch! Okay…so…there are some students who do not represent us well but we’ve got Cedric Diggory!

He is like total Hufflepuff!

I couldn’t wait to see what magic Jim Kay had created especially with scenes like the Tasks and the Yule Ball! So many incredible moments that I adored in the original Goblet of Fire!

This is going to be a pretty photo-heavy post so if you haven’t been able to get the book yet, I do have other Harry Potter posts for you to enjoy!

goblet of fire

Alright…I’m just going to say it! If you’ve watched the Very Potter Musicals, then am I the only one who thinks Ron is beginning to look more and more like Joey Richer! If I start to see Red Vines appearing, then it’s fate! Haha!

goblet of fire

THE BURROW!! Yes, I’m using caps here! I’m using them because I always feel so happy to see this place illustrated. It’s so magical, full of memories and so many kids! They made the place such a home and one of my favourite details of the book has to be this teeny drawing by one of the Weasley kids. I think it’s of Mr Weasley but not sure which of the children the other two people are.

Could be Bill?

goblet of fire

goblet of fire

I absolutely adore this double-page spread of the Beauxbaton students flying towards Hogwarts! It looks as majestic as I imagined and the horses look pretty regal themselves! You can’t go wrong with flying horses!

goblet of fire

I have to feel a little sorry for Viktor with this image! He’s looking a little skinnier than I imagined and a cross between Hiccup from How To Train A Dragon and Bran Stark from Game of Thrones! He had been on a long boat ride on the Durmstrang ship so maybe he’s sea-sick? Haha.

goblet of fire

goblet of fire

goblet of fire

That look Ron is giving towards Hermione with Krum is everything to my shipping heart! I’ve always been a big Ron/Hermione shipper and it was so much fun seeing him get jealous and yet being utterly hopeless with his feelings! By the way…Hermione is in her periwrinkle dress!! I have been waiting years for this moment! THANK YOU JIM!!

To be honest, I could literally post every single picture from Goblet of Fire into this post but we would literally be here forever and this is already way too long!! If you’ve gotten to this point, tell your favourite colour in the comments!

Will you be buying this book or do you prefer the original copy instead?


5 Fandom Halloween Costume Ideas | Blogtober 2019

Halloween Costume

Even though I love celebrating Halloween, I’m absolutely hopeless when it comes to coming up with a creative Halloween costume. Okay, maybe I’m being a little hard on myself. I can come up with plenty of ideas (that’s why I’m doing this post! haha!) but I can’t bring those ideas to life outside my head.

The most fun Halloween costume that I put together is the one in the picture above. That is a human version of Hedwig, Harry’s snowy owl. It’s pretty simple since I only had a few things around my house to use but I did buy myself a cute white wig and some yellow contacts. This was the first time I’d ever worn contacts and I never knew if I looked okay in them!

If you’re thinking about attending a Halloween party this year or even dressing up for work, maybe some of these fandom-related ideas will help spark something for you. I’d love to see any pictures if even one person uses one of these! Make me feel clever please!

Lily & James Potter hit by the Killing Curse

This idea of mine makes me cringe but Halloween is meant to be a little scary, right? What better way to do that than by pushing the fandom boundaries a little, even if it makes you sad. I’m sorry, Lily and James! I saw an incredible Anna costume where she looked herself on one side of her face but then had a white eye and a frozen part creeping up the other.

That’s what I’m imagining for the Potters since it would be a different couples idea for any Potter fans! You could be dressed up as the pair with a white eye and green veins travelling up the side they were hit. It doesn’t have to be your face, you could have it on your costume itself!

George Weasley without his ear or Angel Fred

The Weasleys really went through it in Deathly Hallows! Not only did George lose his ear because of a curse by Snape, but then Fred is killed in the Battle of Hogwarts. You have the gruesome side for George but I couldn’t do the same to Fred! He was my favourite Weasley twin! You could easily dress up as Fred and add a halo and wings to him. So cute!!

One of the Doctors between regeneration

You might have two favourite versions of the Doctor that you love to watch over and over but can never choose which one you’d love to go as. Now you can be both! Why not allow yourself to be the 10th and 11th Doctor! Who wouldn’t want to be both David Tennant and Matt Smith…I know I would. I would have done Peter and Jodie but I wasn’t overly fussed on him. *hides*

This may be one for anyone who is pretty good at costume design. My thoughts picture 2 costumes in 1. Half 10’s coat and suit with half of 11’s suit and bow-tie. It looks cooler in my head so who knows if it would work!

Become a Patronus

This particular Halloween costume has been stuck in my head for years and, again, I just haven’t got the skill to bring it to life! You pick one of the many Patronus mentioned in the books or seen in the films and become it in silver!

I’d love to do either Harry’s stag patronus or Snape’s doe patronus! They would make amazing costumes especially the doe one because it would just seem super cute!

Anna looking half-frozen

I can’t take credit for this idea because I actually remembered it from a video I saw a few years ago and it’s the same I mentioned earlier! A Youtuber called Kat Sketch created an incredible makeup look of Anna from Frozen looking…well…frozen! She is like the queen of Halloween looks so if you don’t mind your favourite characters looking pretty awful, then she’s your girl!

Have you got any ideas of what you want to wear for Halloween this year?


Doctor Who Fandom Harry Potter

New In Fandom | September 2019 (Harry Potter, Doctor Who…)


Harry Potter: The Mysteries of Hogwarts (£16.99 – 2nd September) | The Film Vault (Volume 1) (£11.99 – 5th September) | The Film Vault (Volume 2) (£11.99 – 24th September) | Professor Trelawney Funko (£9.99 – 27th September) | Fawkes Funko (£9.99 – 27th September) | Cedric Yule Ball Funko (£9.99 – 27th September) | Harry Potter Funko Advent Calendar (£49.49 – 30th September) | Fleur Yule Ball Funko (£9.99 – 27th September) | 13th Doctor SDCC T-Shirt (£15.99 – 3rd September) | Marvel Funko Advent Calendar (£49.49 – 30th September) |

So much incredible stuff is coming out this September and you just knew that I would fangirl all over the Harry Potter merchandise appearing! I did include a Doctor Who t-shirt too so I did vary myself! Haha! I’m not sure how many people actually read this series of posts but I love looking at what is coming up and popping each on my wishlist.

Mysteries of Hogwarts & Film Vaults 1 and 2

September means a selection of Jodie Revenson books all about the Harry Potter world!

If you’re looking for a short but incredibly detailed book of illustrations about Hogwarts, then you’ll want to have to look out for this new book from Jody! She’s written almost as many books as Jo at this point and it’s amazing to see all the facts that she’s gathered from the books and the films! It is a bit expensive at £16.99 for 48 pages but it’s good for any collector. You’ve also got the two Film Vaults coming this month too!

Professor Trelawney Funko Pop

Next up, we have the Professor Trelawney Funko pop and I’ve been waiting for Funko to bring her out! Ever since I read the Prisoner of Azkaban and saw what Hermione thought of her, I’ve loved her! Even more so when Emma Thompson just brought us to life for us!

Fawkes, cedric diggory and fleur delacour funko pop

Another 3 Funkos that I need to add to my collection have to be Fawkes, Cedric and Fleur! Fawkes is the most beautiful phoenix that I wish we’d gotten to read more about in the Potter books. Maybe we’ll see how Dumbledore gets him in the Fantastic Beasts films? We also have the Yule Ball pops appearing on the market and they’re adorable!! I do love Ginny’s but there is just something about the way Cedric and Fleur look here that I adore.

Yule Ball and Classic Marvel Advent Calendars

Before you say anything…yes, I’m including some advent calendars in my September post! You’re never too early to mention them because so many fans will be wanting these that you want to buy it quick so they don’t sell out! I’m not actually planning on getting the Potter Funko calendar because I’m planning to get the full-size Pops, but I do know a lot of people will want! If you love Marvel, then you will need to grab the Classic Pop calendar! It’s so quirky and I love!

13th doctor t-shirt

Finally we have this stunning Doctor Who t-shirt!! I’m actually in love with the design of the 13th Doctor, the inverted coloured Tardis and then the explosion of colour behind it! I actually think that would make an amazing tattoo! Haha!

What fandom things are you excited to see coming out this September?

Fandom Harry Potter

My Thoughts On The New ‘Cursed Child’ Look

Cursed Child

Before I get chatting, I want to thank Ameila for my first ever Showbills (they’re obviously Cursed Child and the original Broadway cast as well), and Bertie (@OfficialBertiee) for the Back To Hogwarts badge from September 1st just gone!

All of this yellow is making this Hufflepuff very happy!

Now that’s out of the way, I think we need to chat more Cursed Child! If you haven’t been following all of the drama over on Twitter, you may not have heard that Warner Brothers has taken over the rights for Cursed Child. This news clearly had everyone asking questions: Was there going to be a movie version? Were we getting a proper book following Albus and Scorpius?

We just didn’t know!

What we found out was that this new change meant a whole new look! Out with the font that you see in the picture above! In with the font we know from the films! To say that we were kind of shocked about this new change was a bit of an understatement. You’re clearly wanting to know what my thoughts are about this since it is the title of this post. Haha!


I don’t particularly like it.

Don’t get me wrong…I loved the font for the movie posters because that was what we knew. That font meant movie. However I’ve been a fan of Cursed Child since it popped into the West End back in 2016 and it was the same thing. It had its own nice, clean font that I connected with it. Change is a bit of a big deal for me as it comes hand in hand with being autistic.

If the changes to all its marketing had been gradual, then I don’t think I would have minded as much but everything has just hit us all at once. That doesn’t sit all that well with me. I do understand why it may have changed since Warner Bros was in charge of the Potter films and, since it’s carrying on the same path (sort of) as the films…I get it.

It’s still sad to see the old font go. I’m glad that I managed to get one last picture with my friend Kate last month!

Other than the change, there are a couple of other little things that bother me. The first thing is how the new program looks. I think it looks a bit badly photo-shopped. The text is too close together, the nest is off-centre and…you get the picture. Maybe it’s just going to take me some getting used to and besides, I go to see the play for the performances and not just the marketing.

The other thing is the banner on social media reminds me way too much of Shazam! It doesn’t feel as original as the old one used to look. Plus the little trailer introducing the new look gives a way a massive spoiler that I’ve spent years trying to keep secret from friends!! I even have badges telling me to keep it secret!

Eventually the new look will be old news and we’ll be back to less drama. That’s unless you count the Cursed Child haters that like to pop up every now and again.

What are your thoughts on the new Cursed Child look? Do you like it or do you prefer the old one?

Fandom Lifestyle

What It’s Like Being A Fandom Blogger


I’ve been wanting to write about being a fandom/lifestyle blogger for a while and today would be the perfect day! I added that little slash in the middle because you guys know I don’t just purely blog fandom.  I wouldn’t get to post too often if I was purely fandom but I do want to type out more. I’ve had a couple of people asking why I’m a fandom/lifestyle blogger so here is why!

It’s no secret at all that I love Harry Potter (I post about it a lot!) but I also love chatting about what other fandoms I’m a massive fan of. Being a blogger has given me the chance to do that and find other people who I can fangirl with. It’s brilliant!

So many of my friends like being nerdy too so if there is some exciting news about that fandom, I know I can tweet them in all caps like ‘OMGGGGGGG!! HAVE YOU SEEN?! AHHHHHH!’. You get the picture!

here are a few reasons why being a fandom/lifestyle blogger is brilliant:

it’s a lot of fun

Like I said at the start, it is a lot of fun getting the chance to put down your feeling into words or, if you can’t do that, using gifs like me! There is always something to talk about if you love multi-fandoms. I’m always ready to post something about my favourite fandom and the posts I most enjoy writing have to be the New In Fandom ones. They let me find out what merchandise is coming up in the next month or so and it’s like my own little shopping list for all to see!

you get to be different from other bloggers

Having a specific niche as a blogger is particularly important especially when the blogging world has become so vast these days! There are obviously some pros and cons to being different to others. The pros would be that it sometimes makes you stand out from the crowd, you get to be unique with your posts and don’t have too much competition with certain brands. The cons are that it can be difficult to come up with post ideas, not everyone wants to read a fandom blog and you don’t have an option when it comes to picking what type of blogger you are.


i get to chat to people from all over

Since I love other fandoms such as Doctor Who and RWBY, I get to make friends (I know…typical Hufflepuff!) from all over the world! The furthest I know someone is New Zealand and the closest actually lives an hour or so from me! Having international friends means we get to share different fandom info that might just be exclusive to our country. I’ve had one friend ship me a Funko that was only sold at Barnes & Noble which was brilliant!

You constantly get surprised

If there is anything I’ve learned about being a fandom blogger, it’s that you never know what is going to happen next. News turns up at random points of the day, I sometimes have to stay up late to watch things like livestreams of events or follow hash-tags for a few days so I can find out my exclusive products! You never know what is going to be announced and it’s nice that I can surprise my friends and readers with news that they might not have known about!

What are your thoughts about bloggers who are different from the norm?

Fandom Harry Potter

My ‘Back To Hogwarts’ Hufflepuff Haul


Happy 1st of September! It’s that time again…time for everyone to go back to Hogwarts! I’ve been reading so many fun tweets from everything that happened at King’s Cross this morning and made me a little sad that I couldn’t make it. Silly muggle trains. All that said, I still prepared myself for today with a Hufflepuff haul!

All of these items were collected during August and I love every single one! I do have two other bits but blogger!Dee forgot to put them in the flatlay like an idiot. Haha!

Hufflepuff Key-ring (£2 – Primark)

You know when you go into a store with the intention of buying a few things and ended up buying only a teeny thing? That happened to me. I’d really wanted this gorgeous Hufflepuff sweater I’ve seen friends with but they didn’t have any in my size so one gutted badger over here. I didn’t want to leave the shop without anything so decided to grab this key-ring because it’s adorable and you can never have too many Potter key-rings!

Hufflepuff Premium Notebook (£12.99 – The Shop Under The Stairs)

The first of the two notebooks I bought last month and I just love the design of this!! I always feel better with black notebooks because I don’t like to see any stains on them and it just seems more sleek. You have this beautiful badger design connected with the giant H of Hufflepuff. Part of me thinks the badger looks a teeny bit like a mouse but still adorable!

Hogwarts: A History Journal (£12.95 – MinaLima)

Yeah…obviously this isn’t a Hufflepuff thing but I HAVE A HOGWARTS A HISTORY!!! My friend Kate and I visited MinaLima when I was down in London and I knew straight away that I was buying this journal! I’ve wanted a copy of this ever since Philosopher’s Stone and Hermione quoted reading from it. One day I hope we’ll get the real thing because it has to happen but I couldn’t deny myself it. It feels like such a luxury item with the gold foiled edges, the fact that it’s hardback and simply because MinaLima create only the best Potter designs!

Hufflepuff Bookmark (£8.99 – The Carat Shop)

I love anything that has a gorgeous illustration of Hufflepuff but I adore this bookmark by The Carat Shop! It seems to be like the Hufflepuff badge that the students at Hogwarts wear with the coat of arms take. It’s so cute, is stainless steel and shows off 3 of the traits that makes up a Hufflepuff! Seeing as I have a bunch of books to read and around 3 Hufflepuff bookmarks, I don’t think I’ll be losing a page anytime soon!

Hufflepuff Card Holder (£4.95 – MinaLima)

I ended up having to my old Doctor Who card holder into the bin after around 3 years! (I made it last even when it was hanging by an edge!). I now have this gorgeous Hufflepuff card holder that feels so plush and like it’ll last me a long time! I can’t wait to see what my local bus drivers think when they see it!

How has your September 1st been so far? Did you go down to King’s Cross?


5 Disney Announcements At D23 Expo I Loved

DisneyPhoto by Elijah Chan on Unsplash

Disney fans all over the world have been diving into the annual D23 Expo which is like the ultimate fan event for anyone that loves Disney and other studios under it!

I’ve loved this company for many, many years from the animated pictures I watched as a kid to Disney Channel to Marvel and Star Wars joining!

What have I been looking forward to the most this year? All the Disney+ goodies!! I needed to know what they were going to be showing on it and there is everything!

Lizzie McGuire

If there was one show on the Disney Channel that I was utterly addicted to and still know the theme song to, it’s Lizzie McGuire! I already loved Hilary Duff from Casper Meets Wendy (such a good cheesy film!) but I really fell for her watching Lizzie McGuire! She was just so cool! I was 14 and at the same awkward age!

The friendship between Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo was brilliant and I may have squealed when my ship started to sail! Lordo forever! Haha!

Now we’re getting an adult Lizzie in New York! I’m 14 again, people!! I really hope they can get a few members of the original cast to be in it!

The villains

So many incredible announcements about the ‘villains’ of the Disney world! The two that immediately stick out for me has to be seeing the poster for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and Cruella! First off, how amazing was the first Maleficent film?! It was just perfect and I still have Once Upon A Dream on my phone!

Really glad that we have Elle Fanning back as Aurora! She was just so magical!!

When I saw that Emma Stone was going to be the new generation’s Cruella De Ville…I may have freaked out! I’m a massive Emma fangirl as shown by my random selection of gifs!

She looks both freaky and everything in her Cruella picture! She actually reminds me a little of Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen of Hearts. Just with the hair and makeup! I’m beyond ready to see her play a bad guy like this.

lady and the tramp

The original Lady and the Tramp is in my Top 5 of favourite Disney films because it is so different and I can’t get Peggy Lee’s ‘He’s A Tramp’ out of my head! It was a little bit racist with the whole Siamese cat look but it was a different time and Disney are actually using real animals! That’s right…real dogs and everything! Plus we have Tessa Thompson voicing Lady so yes!!

Star Wars

In a convention far far away, a bunch of Star Wars news was released! We had the trailer to The Mandalorian and the first poster for Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker! It showed Rey and Ben/Kylo at it on a cliff edge with the giant ugly face of Palpaltine looming over them! Who knows what’s going to happen?! J.J Abrams said that Carrie Fisher is the heart of Rise of Skywalker (my heart!!) and apparently in the teaser footage Rey is seen in a Sith robe and with a dual-bladed red lightsaber!

Oh and Ewan McGregor is coming back as Obi-Wan Kenobi for a new Disney+ series!!


We all know that Marvel have a bunch of films coming out over the next few years and TV shows on Disney+! Some of the news that had me super excited were that Kat Dennings is going to be in Wandavision (she played Darcy in Thor 1 and 2! I’ve been waiting for the day she came back!), we’ve got confirmation that Loki’s show will have 6 1-hour long episodes!  IT’S LIKE SHERLOCK!

If you loved Sex Education then Kate Herron who directed the episodes will be directing Loki! Super excited to see what she creates with Tom and the rest of the cast!

So much that I’m ready for and one day I will find my way to D23 Expo! It’s a very magical place from what I’ve seen online! Ahhh!

What Disney news has gotten you super excited?!

Fandom Harry Potter

An Anxiety Guide To September 1st at King’s Cross

September 1st

For the last 5 years I’ve been going to Kings Cross every September 1st to celebrate when everyone goes back to Hogwarts. Do we care that it’s only a fictional event? Nope! Do we wish we could go back? Heck yes! I’m still waiting for that darn acceptance letter.

I loved the idea of being in an area full of other Harry Potter fans where you can meet new people, chat about theories and your Houses and get ready for when 11am hits. Kings Cross is an incredible place to be especially as they embrace ‘Back To Hogwarts’ with an announcement over the tannoy.

As the years have gone by the crowds have gotten bigger! Last year was a lot busier since Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law turned up. Everyone was super excited and I was gutted that I didn’t get a chance to be there earlier. My anxiety has increased with the crowds so I thought I’d try to create a bit of an anxiety guide.

get to the station early

If you’re able to then try to get to Kings Cross a bit earlier. It might still be a working station but that you can still find areas that are quiet like the food court or outside. You can take your time to relax and maybe even go to the Platform 9 3/4 shop to look around. They have this incredible mini trunk you can get with your initials on!

take a friend

One of my triggers is feeling overwhelmed and by myself. It’s kind of ironic I feel that way since I usually prefer being on my own. Busy situations tend to make me a little clingy so I try to take a friend or meet up with a friend each September 1st. I don’t feel alone with my anxiety if I have someone to chat to. Even if I chat with someone new and make a new friend that way!

try using bachs remedy

Bachs Rescue Remedy is a product I’ve been using for a few years whenever I’ve been out and about. I first used the drops which taste amazing but they were a bit too awkward to bring around with me. When I saw that I could get chewing gum or pastilles, it made my life much easier.  Whenever I feel my anxiety flaring I can chew on my gum and it helps. No-one needs anxiety getting in the way of their Potter time!

know when to leave

I know you’ll want to have as much fun as possible but you also need to know when the right time to leave is. It can be so frustrating to leave something early but you need to think about yourself. No fandom or event is worth triggering your mental health and causing you to have an attack. Whether you have to leave before 11am or immediately after…it’s okay.

Will you be going to September 1st this year? How do you cope with your anxiety?


Fandom Mental Health

Why I Find It Easier To Communicate Through Gifs


For as long as I’ve used Twitter, I’ve loved using gifs in my tweets. At first I would get them off Tumblr and then I decided to collect some of my favourites to use whenever I wanted. I have seperate files for different fandoms that I love such as Harry Potter, Merlin, Sherlock and Disney. Yes I’m a little bit extra but I love finding new gifs that I can use. Obviously I use them for fun but I also use them when I can’t think what to say or if I can’t describe how I’m feeling at that minute.

Some don’t always get what I’m trying to say through the gif and then I have friends who get the fandom I’m using and even take part in whole conversations with me only using gifs. The times I’ve been able to do this have been the best and I’ve had more than a couple nights when I’ve just been giggling. I know that not finding it easy to communicate offline with other people but I find it so much easier to do so since people aren’t talking face-to-face and they also follow me because we have the same interests!

I may have many files to choose from but I have a handful of gifs that I love to use for various conversations and over and over!

If anyone has been mean to someone, been particularly dumb or just gotten to me in some way, you’ll see me using this gif from the Philosopher’s Stone. It’s amazing for getting the point across and Hermione just has a way with words!

Luna Lovegood…my spirit animal! I’ve never related so much to a character than I have with Luna. I love this quote from her since it’s the first one that we hear from her in both book and film. If anyone is thinking they’re a bit weird or if they like the same thing as I do, I always use this to try and make them feel better. We might be a little different compared to others but that doesn’t mean we’re alone!

Doctor Who has some incredible quotes people can make gifs on but one of my favourites has to be during David Tennant’s time. The Doctor is in a massive library and describes books as some of the best weapons in the world! I love using this if books/reading are ever judged negatively!

Do you enjoy using gifs in your tweets?


The Original Youtubers That I Loved

original youtubers

Everyone has heard of Youtube and even have youtubers that they love watching. I’m throwing back, people!! I’m going all the way into the past to the original youtubers that I couldn’t wait to watch when I came home. Oh, it was a very different place to what it is now. There were less people to compare yourself to, you could do video responses and more cat videos! Haha! I’ve actually been on the site for around 11 years and have been one and off with it. Still loved watching so here are some Youtubers that I adored! Oh and thanks whereslugo for today’s picture!


Charlie! This was a Charlie long before ‘Charlie bit my finger’! This nerdy Brit is Charlie McDonnell aka charlieissocoollike! I can still remember his intro tune after all these years! I thought he was incredible! He was so funny, different and he came up with this most random content that I couldn’t help but smile at. There was another video that I watched which was my first ever one to watch but it’s not there anymore so here is the 2nd! Such a fun duet! He was even the first ever original Youtuber that got to 1 million subscribers!! He’s still making videos but he lives in Canada now and hasn’t uploaded in 7 months! *sniffle*

beckie0 | beckiejanebrown

I still love Beckie to this date!! She’s been vlogging for so many years and has developed so much! I started watching her when she was in her early teens and now I think she’s 25! It’s crazy! She did Doctor Who skits, vlogs about her life, twin editing (they were so cool!) and spoke bravely about her Trichotillomania. You can tell she tries to balance a life online with privacy but some trolls just don’t take the hint! If you love a Youtuber with a difference, Beckie would be great for you!


Why did these girls leave me?! *sob* I adored all 5 of these ladies and I’m still following Kristina, Hayley, Kayley and Lauren on social media! (Sorry Lianne!). They were everything the original youtubers stood for: being themselves, being funny, declaring what they loved to everyone and of course…awful camera/sound quality! I watched them every week back in 2009 and get so much nostalgia when I hear the old intro! Who else adored these girls?!

CTFXC (Charles Trippy and Allie)

Wow…has this guy been through a lot over the last 10+ years!

He literally vlogged every single day for 10 whole years! Not 1 break! Not even when he was having brain surgery! He got the surgery staff to film it! Charles is so real about what he’s thinking, very funny, has amazing dogs called Zoey, Marley and Diesel and a stunning wife! He’s doing chemotherapy at the minute and recently had another seizure (after almost a year without).

Which original youtubers did you used to watch back in the day?