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The Bookish Christmas Gift Guide


Remember when I said that my last post was my final winter post? Well, I lied! I looked at my list of post ideas and saw that I hadn’t written my bookish gift guide. I’ve seen some amazing things online and in person to share with you! I have a lot of book lovers for friends so maybe I can convince them to treat themselves to a product or two.

As always, I hope that some of these ideas help you with some last minute gift ideas. Even if it’s not for Christmas, then a birthday or a thank you gift!

By the way, this post isn’t sponsored! I just found The Literary Gift Company when I was looking through Google and saw they had a bunch of great ideas!

Jane Austen Doormat (£20)

What I love about this doormat is that it perfectly describes a home.

At least for a book lover anyway! I much prefer staying home reading or when it’s freezing outside. It’s much comfier and I’m a social outcast! Haha! You can never have too many door mats. When your old one gets too filthy, you can throw out and use the next.

Exercise The Mind Bookends (£16.99)

HA! Is this true or what?!

The brain is a muscle, right? What else better to exercise our minds and take us travelling around different worlds than reading? If reading was considered an actual exercise, I would be super toned and practically an athlete now! Do you think it’s too late to make a recognised one?

Penguin Mug (£8.99)

Quite a lot of my book friends have at least one Penguin mug in their life.

I don’t actually mean a mug with a penguin (though that is a cute one!). I mean the book publisher ‘Penguin’ who have an amazing collection of classic book designs on them. I’d say they were pretty iconic so would make a brilliant gift. A cup of tea while you read…bliss!

Reading Journal (£6.99)

This is something I’m planning on getting for next year to help me keep track on what I read. I tried to do it with my bullet journal but I got bored trying to create my tables. The thing about this particular journal is that it has a list of the Top 100 books on Goodreads for you to tick off. It also has a reading log, place for reviews, a table of books you want to read and more!

Sounds great for all book lovers in your life!

Personal Library Kit (£9.09)

Have you ever had friends see a book on your bookshelf and ask if they can borrow it? I have and I’ve had a couple that never came back! Yes, I’m still salty!!

A great of keeping track on them is by treating your shelves a little like a library! You can put details of the book, select a date you want it back and even stamp it like a proper classic librarian. So cool!

I’m tempted to even get it for the stamp! I’m a child…

‘Draco’ 9oz Soy Wax Candle (£13.09)

You don’t have to get this specific candle (though you totally could because you would get to say that you’re smelling Draco). Haha! I’ve really been loving candles recently and I’ve been wanting to support smaller businesses. When I found Nali aka A Court of Candles on Etsy, I adored the sound of her candles! They’re all named after books, book characters or places in books!

How cool, right?!

They sound so nice and, since she has a large amount of candles for you to check out, I’m sure you’ll find one from a book you love!

‘Too Many Books? I think you mean not enough bookshelves!’ Sign (£5.99)

Ever looking for a sign to put near your bookshelves? I think this is perfect! It’s not that we buy too many books…it’s just because we don’t have enough bookshelves in our lives!

Cat Book Sleeve (£11)

The final gift for my bookish gift guide is actually something I see a lot of my favourite booktubers using. I never knew they existed until them and that is a book sleeve! There are so many incredibly talented people on Etsy who create book sleeves but, as soon as I saw cats and books, I knew this was mine!

I’ve actually ordered one while I wrote this post!

A book sleeve is basically a protective pouch you can pop your book in to keep it safe. That way you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged or dirtied while in your bag!

What bookish items have you got on your list this year?


Popular YA Books I Haven’t Read

popular ya

You guys know that I love my books and could literally have the biggest bookcase, but there are some popular YA novels that I haven’t read yet. That could be for many reasons: I’ve been waiting for my library to get or I’m not fussed on the genre. I do believe in giving a book a chance to impress me but there are just some things that I can’t get myself excited for.

I’m going to look at some of the more popular YA on the Goodreads site and give some reasons for why I’ve not read these.


You’d think that I’d be all on this! Dystopian and all that but nope. By the time that this came out, I think my mind was just set on Hunger Games. It had similiar vibes to that and seeing the film first put me off from reading the series. Maybe I’ll pop it on my TBR list to try.

City of Bones

Okay, don’t hate me!

Another fantasy book that I’d normally be on; however, no luck yet.

I’ve actually gone to pick up this book a handful of times at the library and did read a chapter, but I couldn’t get hooked. I’ve heard so many good things about this series as a whole and that it gets better with every book. It’s funny that even thought I haven’t read this, I still managed to fall for a ship!

Long live Malec!!

Lord of the Flies

This is a classic on most lists and it does sound like a good plot, but…it seems pretty boring.

The fact that it is from 1954 makes the language used in it a bit hard to understand (at least from the page I looked at) and the idea of boys being stuck on an island and then seem to go a bit crazy…okaaaay.

I did have the option of reading this for my English Literature course at GCSE and I’m kind of glad I chose Shakespeare!

The Perks of a Wallflower


Emma Watson and Ezra Miller?! Yes please!

However, I haven’t read the book to it. I do have a valid reason why I haven’t read this yet. It touches on some pretty triggering mental health issues with one of the characters and, right now, I’m worried that it would trigger me. I want to be able to read this with a clear head and without fear so I’ll get to this eventually.

Pride and Prejudice

I’m going to be yelled at by Lucy Powrie for not reading this!

Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely adore Elizabeth Bennett being a strong, independant woman. Unfortunately this is another book trapped in the ‘language is old so difficult to read’. I do want to give Jane a chance to tell me the story in her own words. Maybe I’ll take the book and read a bit at Chatsworth House.

Who knows? I might bump into Mr Darcy while I read.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Oof…I’m actually annoyed at myself for not reading this.

It sounds like such an incredible book, especially since it touches on the topic of autism. I guess I haven’t looked at this yet since I’m not usually a fan of mystery novels. I loved that the author said that this book is one about ‘difference’ and about seeing the world in a new way.

If there is anything I’ve discovered since my diagnosis, it’s that we do seem to see the world in a different light to others. We notice it in more detail and spot all the little things that others miss.

Should I add that as a talent on my CV? Haha!

Watership Down


I will never read this book and you can blame the original film!

What an utter mind mess this is!! I love the idea of rabbits and learning more about them but this book just has gore, crazy visions and way too much death! Not my kind of book and it can stay tucked away in a library somewhere.

That said, I do love hearing Stephen Gateley singing ‘Bright Eyes‘. *sighs dreamily*

There are so many books out there that other people love and I haven’t gotten round to reading yet. Some of them I will happily post on my to-be-read list and others…they’ll just have to stay a mystery!

Throne of Glass

I’m really not showing that I love fantasy with all these ‘haven’t read’ mentions but I swear I do love it!

You know when you hear a book that sounds amazing, it becomes super popular and then it puts you off it? That’s what happened to me with Throne of Glass. The plot sounds really captivating and I have my friend Katie that is already pushing me to read it.

I don’t think it’s a book I’ll be able to read physically so I might look into the audiobook instead to see if that keeps my attention! Not that it’ll be boring! I just know that my concentration dies after a while.

Lord of the Rings

Technically I have read this and yet I haven’t as well.

Anyone is seen the utter cinderblock that is the whole Lord of the Rings will know that it is massive!! I used to own the whole series with illustrations and all sorts! I adored it and then it disappeared when a friend came to visit. Safe to say that I sent some elves after them.

Next year I really want to sit and dedicate some time to read this.

It’s such a powerful and intense world that deserves all of my attention.

What popular YA books haven’t you read yet?


Books Harry Potter

Review | Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: The Journey

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a text yesterday saying that my order for ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: The Journey‘ had arrived! It was 3 days early! I’ve never had a book come this early before.

Waterstones, are you secretly wizards?

I’ve been a massive fan of all things Cursed Child since I saw a preview performance back in June 2016! I was in awe from the very first moment Jamie Parker appeared as Harry and remained after falling for the friendship (and romance…shhh) between Albus and Scorpius!

Everything you’ve wanted to know about the play, you’ll find inside this book.

They don’t spoil any of the magic that they do on stage which is very much appreciated but I do love hearing all the stories. Right at the beginning I was really interested in the early notes of John Tiffany and Sonia Friedman.

I was trying to squint at the writing to see if I can spot anything else.

One of the big questions I had when I saw the play first was ‘where was Teddy Lupin’? He was Harry’s god-son so you’d expect him to be involved with the family. According toJack Thorne, he said:

Teddy’s an amazing character…but we realized that we just couldn’t do service to him. Every character you use, you’ve got to use them properly.

He even said that Hugo wasn’t with his parents because he was probably being watched by Molly. It’s sad that he was the only one of the Granger-Weasley kids not to be included at all but I guess there must have been a reason.

When I saw that there was this page about the wands, I gave a little squeal!!

I’ve been wanting to know the meaning behind their designs for ages and now we get a look into all the tiny details. As you can see from Scorpius’ wand in my picture, it has little marks on the handle.

Apparently, since the wand is an extension of him, the marks are meant to the marks of his soul counting down the days until he could go to Hogwarts or even a form of self-harming. Scorpius!! *sob* With Albus’ wand, the bumps on his wand are almost like worry stones. He can rub his fingers over them to keep him self calm.

You know Scorpius’ hair?

Well, the wig is actually made of epiler hair (the white hairs taken away from natural grey hair). Since any Scorpius actor would have taken a dip at some point and there is chlorine in the water, the wig would get damaged so they needed ‘unprocessed hair’. It’s the most expensive wig out of the cast!

Anthony even wanted to wear uncomfortable shoes so he could feel as out of place as Scorpius felt.

Albus got the chance to be like his Uncle Ron since Sam came up with the idea that he would get James’ hand-me-downs. That’s why his clothes look a little too big for him. Sam said he wanted them to be a bit heavy and bulky to show that he isn’t his own person. His costumes start to change as the play goes on to show that he is changing as a person!

Talking of changes, did you know that any actor who plays Harry has 4 suits to wear?

He has a different one depending on the illusion he’s about to do. He has wand holsters, wand pockets and even the pockets in his trousers to hold his wand. I guess Mad-Eye didn’t warn him enough!

Do you love the robes that the cast wear?

Me too!! They’re actually designed to be a little like school blazers/blazer cloaks! They’ve got the collars and lapels but then have the sleeves of a robe and long at the back! They’ve even got their own personality depending on the character!

Karl Jenkins is quite trendy, and he wears skinny jeans and trainers. Yann Fredericks is very slender and a bit snobbish. He’s very neat, and a bit like Scorpius. Craig Bowker is quite lovable and cute, and he’s got baggy trousers and shoes that were clearly bought by his mum.

I know quite a few people haven’t seen the play yet so I’ve tried not to spoil anything serious, but I hope you liked my review all the same! If you want me to go detailed and make a spoiler review, then let me know in the comments! I have a lot to say still and there are loads of pictures I could include!

It was great to see some of my favourite ensemble such as James Phoon, Annabel Baldwin (She was awesome!), Tom Mackley (still gutted that I never saw his Albus!), James Le Lacheur and Barry McCarthy!

Have you pre-ordered ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ book?


Review | The Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson

Holly Jackson


The case is closed.

Five years ago, schoolgirl Andie Bell was murdered by Sal Singh. The police know he did it. Everyone in town knows he did it.

But having grown up in the same small town that was consumed by the murder, Pippa Fitz-Amobi isn’t so sure. When she chooses the case as the topic of her final-year project, she starts to uncover secrets that someone in town desperately wants to stay hidden. And if the real killer is still out there, how far will they go to keep Pip from the truth?


Anyone who knows me (or have had me comment on one of their book reviews) will know that I’m not a massive fan of crime novels. It isn’t that the books aren’t good! They probably are best-sellers but it’s not a genre that I connect with.

That was until I started reading ‘A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder‘ by Holly Jackson!

Almost immediately my attention was hooked!

You don’t jump right into the thick of things. You’re met with a Candidate Proposal for a project and it totally brought me back to when I was at school and had to do a similar thing. The only negative about this was that the text was super tiny and I actually had trouble reading what was written. I don’t need glasses to read, but even I would need some for this!

Looking at the story itself, I cannot believe that this is Holly Jackson’s debut novel! If I didn’t know better, I would have thought she’d written many books! I related a lot to her main character Pippa in terms of being rather serious.

She was always doing homework and having to get to the bottom of a problem.

As a kid, I tended to research way too much when it came to projects so I totally get her dedication to getting things right!

So many names are thrown at you of who could possibly be Andi’s murderer. Readers will literally have zero clue who could have done it. To be honest, I spent a lot of time jumping for one character to another on who the culprit really was. I loved that I was made to think as I read.

I’m going to apologise to Holly personally since my fangirl self couldn’t help but start shipping Ravi and Pippa! There was something about the gentle jesting they did between one another and they both seemed sassy! The way Ravi called her ‘Sarge’ and how she seemed to keep him on his toes.

If you love teen thrillers, then you need to read this as soon as possible! I love writing reviews of books that surprise me!

Have you read  ‘A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder’ by Holly Jackson?




What Stops Me From Finishing A Book

Books have and will always be a part of my life. They take me out of the real world when I’m either bored or need distracting and take me on a journey. The journey could be dramatic, funny, romantic or all of the above. I can easily sit down and read a book for hours on end because that’s just how I am with a good book. However there are times when finishing a book is difficult. It does happen! Readers aren’t perfect and there are always going to be a bunch of books that don’t click with you. It doesn’t mean that the book itself is bad but just not connecting with you.

What stops me from a book, I hear you ask?

I’ll be honest with you…I’m not entirely myself! *snicker* It’s more of a feeling or my attention drifting every time I try to carry on with the book.

finishingPhoto by David Lezcano on Unsplash

A lot of book bloggers and booktubers seem to call not finishing a book ‘DNF’ or ‘Did Not Finish’. I do feel sad that I don’t finish a book because I feel like I’m being rude to that author and the work they put into writing. However I tell myself that there is no point forcing myself to read something that isn’t clicking with me. I don’t want to end up killing off my reading time completely so, if I don’t finish, then I put to the side to take back or to take to charity shops!

My reason for stopping isn’t always the book!

It could easily be that my mental health is being mean and not wanting me to escape or I’m coming down with something.


Character development is a big thing for me as a reader! I love to see where a character starts at the beginning of the book and whether they’ve changed for the better or the worse. If they just stay the same or make zero sense, the book loses me. I can cope if it’s just one character because you have others to make up for it but there have been a couple that everyone sucked! Haha!


Books aren’t always known for having realistic plots! Look at Lord of the Rings or any fantasy/sci-fi novels! I love it when I can forget about the real world and disappear to a place of magic or something fun like that. It’s when the plot ends up going either way too quick, tries to cram too much or reads like a bad fanfiction.

I’m picky when it comes to plot! I don’t want to be confused!! I’m like that in normal life! I’m going to name a name and say that I found this with A Curse So Dark And Lovely’ by Brigid Kemmerer. I know that a lot of people love this book but I couldn’t finish it. Too much was happening and I couldn’t

I don’t stop reading a book straight away. I do try to give it a really good chance! I read 300 pages of A Curse and I couldn’t make myself carry on any further. If you did love, then yay and I hope you love the sequel when it comes out! I do love Brigid as an author so can’t wait to see what other books she has away from Cursebreakers!

What stops you from finishing a book?


Review | Alex in Wonderland by Simon James Green



Socially awkward Alex is used to disappointment, and this summer is looking up to be his sorriest yet. When he unexpectedly lands a job at Wonderland, a run-down amusement arcade, he starts making new friends. It looks like his bad luck is about to change. But in Wonderland nothing is quite what it seems. And in life and love, sometimes you have to make your own luck.


I’d never read of Simon’s books before this and, even though this is embarrassing to mention, I’d never heard of him before ‘Alex in Wonderland. I actually saw that a book blogger I follow on Twitter had received this as some book post and it intrigued me. The title made me think of Alice in Wonderland which I adore and the fact that this is a LGBTQ+ book had me sold!

What do I have to say about this book then?

It’s safe to say that it starts off with some drama which was a great way to hook someone into the book! What was Alex doing there? What had happened? You couldn’t help but feel sorry for him but also laugh at some of his reactions! This is just me because my head is always on Potter stuff but Alex reminded me so much of Scorpius Malfoy!

Easily anxious about things, putting himself down and seems to wear his heart on his sleeve which is so cute.

He doesn’t seem to have an easy family life and I did end up disliking his dad’s girlfriend Kendra for a while. You’ll see why if you read but there are so many fun characters in this from Lemon Boy (the cheeky lemonade seller), Ben (the hot guy who works at Wonderland) with Efia (the girl who seems pretty out-there and high on coffee). Oh and you can’t forget Maggie who owns Wonderland and seems to hate teens.

It did get a little slow-paced in the middle but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the whole book and reading it in one sitting! I’m like that with books that I’m really into. That and it was raining outside which meant I needed some cheesy boy romance.

Would I recommend it? Definitely!!

Am I going to read it again after I’ve published this review? Of course.

Have you read ‘Alex in Wonderland’? What did you think?
If not, what are your favourite LGBTQ+ books?


6 Books I Wish Existed When I Was A Kid


I’ve been reading since the teeny age of 5 but had so many books read to me by both parents. My dad was a big reader and it was he who took me to the library to read as a kid. I have so many happy memories of the children’s section where I was able to open up my imagination to new worlds. Now that I’ve all grown up, it makes me so happy to see a kid looking at books or wanting to read from a physical book! You’re never too old or young for a good book, right?

That’s why I still read YA and Children books to this day!

This love made me think about which books I wish had been around when I was a kid so I wouldn’t get the odd look from a parent. Haha!

I See Things Differently by Pat Thomas

One of the many things I remember about my childhood is that there weren’t many books read to us about diversity or people with disabilities. The 90s were a completely different time but I still wish a book like ‘I See Things Differently’ had been read to me as I may have been diagnosed with ASD sooner. It’s a beautiful children’s book explaining simply what autism is and some tips for both kids and teachers about how to interact with someone autistic.

The Truth Pixie Goes To School by Matt Haig

You can’t help but love at least one of Matt Haig’s books! I discovered him through his book ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ which has helped me so much with my mental health. The Truth Pixie is a great way for kids to learn about mental and mindfulness! This book in particular would have made me smile so much as a kid! You get to learn all about the importance of friendship and being yourself which is something I always struggled to do!

Jemima Small Versus The Universe by Tasmin Winter

I’m currently reading this book and I’m loving it so much! It’s about a young girl called Jemima who knows a lot of random facts about her body but can’t seem to understand it. She can’t get why the human body is so amazing but she feels like nothing. She also gets put into what she calls the ‘Fat Club’. Oof, I totally get Jemima! I felt all of this at school and was also teased for being a bit overweight. Nothing worse than not understanding why you are the way you are! Can’t wait to see what happens!

Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

I’ll be honest with you guys: I’m not a massive fan of Rainbow’s writing style so haven’t finished a couple of her books. That said, I did love Eleanor & Park! There’s nothing more sad than being alone and odd compared to everyone else but then you find someone you connect with. Reading this is like watching a cheesy chick-flick and I loved it! It was so awkward and like a rollercoaster like a typical teenage first relationship should be like! I never experienced much of that but I still managed to adore it and would have loved this when I was 16!

Am I Normal Yet by Holly Bourne

Have you sensed a theme on the books I wish kid!me had read? They’re all about people who are different in some way. I know that I had no clue who I was in school and still don’t really have an identity. What would you identify me as? I’m curious! Anyway, all of Holly’s books are so personal and relatable and I just need to meet her one day!! This was actually the first book of hers that I read and Lottie is everything!

Just like her, I wanted to be normal and wanted to come off my meds to be like everyone else around me. Unfortunately life doesn’t work like that so you’ll have to see what happens to Lottie!

The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord

This is more of a book I wish kid!me could have read as a foreshadowing. It’s all about a girl called Lucy who is wanting to spend an amazing summer at Bible Camp with her parents and her boyfriend. The problem is her mum has cancer and this has Lucy questioning herself, the world around her and her faith. Lucy has been me over the last 3 years especially questioning the world about why my mum had to suffer.  I still wonder this but I’m slowly coming to accept that He knows what he’s doing so I just have to learn to cope.

Which books do you wish had existed when you were a kid?


Autumn Book Releases I’m Really Excited For


Pride and Prejudice (£8.99) | Emma (£8.99) | Mansfield Park (£8.99) | The Places I’ve Cried In Public (£7.99) | Full Disclosure (£7.99) | Letters from the What-Went-Before (£9.99) | Love, Secret Santa (£7.99) | North Child (£7.99) | White Bird (£20) | Lori and Max (£6.99) | War is Over (£6.99)

As we’re coming to the end of August and summer, we get to say hello to September and the start of Autumn! This is one of my favourite seasons along with Spring! I made an upcoming releases post a few months ago and it made me beyond excited for what is coming up in the next couple of months!

The ones I’m about to mention are only a handful of the titles coming out this Autumn but they are what excited me with their plots!

Pride and Prejudice | Emma | Mansfield Park (12th September)

You can never have too many copies of these Jane Austen books! They are the ultimate classics! I love how adorable these covers are and I think they’re perfect to curl up to during unpredictable autumn weather.

The Places I’ve Cried in Public (3rd October)

I adore Holly Bourne as an author! She has such an incredible way with words and creates characters that I want to know more about and also feel like I relate to. This title already has me nodding since I’ve definitely had a few moments in life when I’ve cried in public. Not the nicest feeling in the world but sometimes you just have to let go there and then. Cannot wait to buy this!

Full disclosure (31st october)

Something that I enjoy when picking books is finding plots that touch upon subjects that I personally feel needs more books about! For example: Full Disclosure! This is all about a girl called Simone who is HIV positive and is determined to make sure that her condition doesn’t define her as a person. You can tell this is going to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Letters from the What-Went-Before (28th November)

This is another one of the books where a tough topic is touched upon. This one is possibly a rather triggering one as it touches on child abuse. I tend to stay away from books that are too much drama since I don’t always feel comfortable reading them but there is something about ‘Letters from the What-Went-Before’ that has gotten me intrigued!

Love, Secret Santa (31st October)

Okay…who else has a number of friends who get into the Christmas spirit early? Raise your hand! Yep, me too but I’m also guilty of watching festive films and wanting to listen to my favourite Christmas songs such as Wizzard! This may be released on Halloween but that never made any difference to The Night Before Christmas, did it? I love how cute this book sounds so it is officially on my To-Be-Read list for Autumn!

North Child (31st October)

First off, look at the cover to North Child! Isn’t it gorgeous? I wouldn’t mind a bright yellow cloak like this! According to the synopsis, it’s all about a young girl called Rose who was born facing North. Apparently that means she will travel on a long and dangerous journey. I’ve actually discovered that North Child was first published back in 2003 so not sure how I missed this growing up!

White Bird (1st October)

If you’ve ever read the book ‘Wonder‘, White Bird is from the POV of Auggie’s bully Julian! Sometimes there is something really intriguing about hearing from characters that you sort of know but discover that you don’t know at all. This happens with ‘Simon VS The Homo-Sapiens Agenda‘ and ‘Leah On The Off-Beat‘. I don’t know Wonder as well as I should so will be re-reading the book before checking this out yet I’m still excited to read!

Lori and Max (5th September)

Harriet The Spy was always a big favourite to read and it had a brilliant film in the 90s! The reason I bring that up is because Lori and Max seems similar! Lori wants to be a detective and is always looking for a mystery to solve but that is until she finds an actual crime to solve. Mix in Harriet The Spy with Paper Towns and you might have this book!

War is Over (3rd October)

Lastly on my list is ‘War Is Over’! You all know my love for historical YA books and this is exactly that! It’s set in 1918 and follows a young boy called John trying to understand the grown-up world and World War I! It’s safe to say that even I have no clue and I’m a grown-up!

What books are you waiting to buy this Autumn?


Review | Heartstopper: Volume 2 by Alice Oseman


It doesn’t matter if Pride Month is well and truly over, you can chat about LGBTQ+ any day and I needed to fangirl over Heartstopper: Vol 2! I’ve seen a few of my friends with copies but I had to wait until I got paid before I could get my own copy and it didn’t disappoint at all! I’ve read nearly all of Alice Oseman’s books and it was such a pleasant surprise when I discovered that she was an amazing artist and had been writing a comic on Tumblr called Heartstopper!

I’ve actually been reading graphic novels for a few years since I’m a big fan of anime and a lot of anime is based off Japanese manga! What is super interesting is that you not only have to read from the back instead of the front and you also read from right to left! Thankfully you don’t have to do that for Heartstopper! Haha! It’s great that books are becoming more visual since you can still how amazing a story by what is drawn and not said aloud.

If you haven’t read Volume 1, then it’s not a disaster since you can kind of pick up what happened but it’s better to because it’s just so adorable!! You get introduced to Nick, Charlie and the rest of the characters (good AND bad). The comic is all in black and white but Alice describes everyone super well and you can also check out her Tumblr or her art instagram to see some coloured drawings!

I adore all of the characters in Heartstopper (except for one particular guy but spoilers!)! Nick is an athletic guy who seems to be pretty popular but is secretly very unsure about himself and trying to discover who is really is. Charlie is beyond relatable…I got bullied a lot at school for how I was and seeing Charlie being targeted made me want to hug him!! Though saying that he isn’t scared of who he is, has incredible friends (Tao, Elle, Darcy and Aled) and fun siblings (Tori and Oliver)! You learn so much about them throughout both Volume 1 and 2!

There are obviously some funny moments but there are some rather dark moments too that make you feel uncomfortable and a little angry.

Alice really seems to love her story and the fact that people want to hear more from the characters! She writes one-off comics that she pops onto her instagram and just gorgeous images like this one of Elle and Darcy!! They’re so cute!!

Some of THE best news that I’ve heard this month is that Heartstopper is going to be turned into a TV show!! I’m so freaking excited about this and I will definitely be creating a post about who I’d love to cast in the show. I know that Alice said that Asa Butterfield is really close to who she imagined for Charlie but he’s obviously too old to play a 15 year so I wonder who would make a great Nick and Charlie! Who would you pick to play these roles?

Have any of you read Heartstopper?
If not, do you think it sounds like a book you’d enjoy?

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Review | Calling All Witches by Laurie Calkhoven

Calling All Witches

It feels like forever since I last did a book review so here is a brand new one for you, of course, all about Harry Potter called Calling All Witches! Not just Harry Potter for a change but all the females in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts universe. When I say all the females, I mean ALL OF THEM! Not just the main ones. I saw this book on my wander around Waterstones and fell in love with the illustrations. You could tell they were based off the actresses who played them but there were definitely little differences!


Doesn’t Hermione look beautiful?! You get the name of the character, 3 words to describe them, a quote about that character and then a few paragraphs chatting about more about their journey. I love how there isn’t pages and pages on detail because we already know and love these ladies and so many books are there already with all the detail you can want. Calling All Witches also has little topics you can work on about specific characters such as what you remember and so on!

Luna’s page definitely has to be one of my favourites because it really shows off her style and charm compared to the others. We obviously have a copy of The Quibbler, a thestral (because that’s how she and Harry really start to connect), some Spectospecs, her cork charm to keep away the Nargles and Ravenclaw’s diadem which is a Horcrux! I think the Ginny page up above describes more the book version rather than the film version but that’s just my opinion! Haha!

I love that we got to see Laurie’s take on how the more minor characters looked if they weren’t featured more in the films such as Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw! Helga looked so sweet and Rowena so radiant! We also got to see more of Alice Longbottom, Lily Potter and Bunty (from Fantastic Beasts!). I wish we could have seen more of them but I will happily accept their little mentions in this!

What are your thoughts on Calling All Witches and who is your favourite witch in the series?