Why I Hate Winter More Than The Other Seasons

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Autumn is slowly coming to an end and Winter hitting us next month, I am slowly starting to wonder whether I can hibernate. Out of all the seasons that we have to go through every year, winter is the one that I hate the most.

Hate is a strong word, isn’t it, Daisy?

Maybe but not when it comes to this awful season!!

Why do I detest it with such a passion? I’m glad you asked! I hope you’re ready for a little rant of past experiences and a general grumpy lady!

i hate the cold

I pretty much hate the extremes of both temperatures (too hot/too cold), but cold has an extra sting in the tail. The cold gives me chillblains!! If you don’t know what these are, then you have been blessed! They’re basically itchy, red bumps that can appear on your fingers and toes. It’s apparently a circulation thing, I think, and they made me sad.

They leave my toes all swollen and uncomfortable.

I can pop on warmer socks and use a Snowfire Ointment stick to ease the burning and the itch, but the cold still sucks!

the winter makes me extra clumsy

Anyone who knows me can tell you how clumsy I can get.

I trip over little things, I slip on stuff that shouldn’t be slippy or I bump into doors. The reason why this time of year makes me extra clumsy? The ice.

This might be a silly thing to admit but I actually have a phobia of ice/slipping.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been scared of slipping on ice. Back in 2010, I had slipped over twice on black ice, hitting the back of my head. It left me with a severe concussion and with a fuzzy left eye. It made extra terrified of slipping and, if I see ice outside, I instantly get intense anxiety. I’ll refuse to head out (even if I have an appointment) or I’ll take super long to get somewhere.

Baby steps.

I know you’re not meant to take these since you’re more likely to fall over; however, I can’t go any faster. In the last year I finally bought myself some grips for my shoes called Yaktrax and they’ve been a god-send!

I don’t like snow

Don’t get me wrong…falling snow is stunning and I think it makes everything look super clean and fresh. I love it even more when it disappears overnight. It’s when it falls…and falls…and freezes that makes me not like it.

I hate having to trudge through deep snow and super-thick ice.

Oh and don’t get me started on sludge!! That gets everywhere!

It’s heavy as well! I remember having to shovel snow off our driveway and off part of the road so my mum could reverse and get out. It would be amazing if councils could grit the little roads and pavements but they just don’t want us to sue if we fall!

i don’t have happy memories with it

I mentioned falling over a few times which isn’t amazing, but I have other memories that make me dislike it. One is when my mum slipped over on the ice, hit the side of a van and couldn’t get up. I was terrified that she’d seriously hurt herself or that she would get hypothermia! Thankfully she didn’t but still.

The other memory is going to sound super selfish.

Winter means my birthday.

Winter also means no-one wanting to come to my birthday parties.

Being socially awkward didn’t help with the whole friend thing yet winter just made everything ten times worse. No-one wanted to come in the snow and, since it’s so close after Christmas, no-one likes to meet up because they’re broke. I did say that it was a selfish reason. I totally get it. It just make birthdays a little lonely and not a special day.

What are your thoughts on winter? Do you love or hate?

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