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PMD Clean

GIFTED (*) | Ever since reaching my 30s, I’ve begun to notice my skin slowly changing more and more. A few wrinkles here, more pigmentation there. Enough that I knew I needed to focus a little more on my skincare routine in the morning and at night. After seeing Jenny’s review about the PMD Clean Smart Cleansing Device, I knew that I needed something incredible to ease whatever getting old was doing to me. When the guys at PMD Clean asked whether I’d like to try it out, I immediately said yes!

I’ll admit that I only started using cleansers and toners this year.

It wasn’t that I didn’t know the benefits of them but there were so many products out there that I didn’t know where to start. I’ve actually been pretty consistent with using these but I had one particular  question left: is there any more I can do to help my skin?

That is where PMD Clean came in!

This little device has a ‘SonicGlow technology’ which means that it’s able to break down any dirt and oil in the pores of your face at 7,000 vibrations per minute!! It also means it will tone, lift and firm up the skin and heaven knows I need something to sort out the little sags under my eyes. I need to look young a little, okay?!

If like me you’re a bit of a germaphobe, then you don’t have to worry. PMD Clean uses silicone that is resistant to odours, prevents any bacteria from forming on the brushes, water-proof and hyper-allergenic so everyone can enjoy!

Over the last few days I’ve really been struggling with hormonal acne on my chin and on the bridge of my nose. It’s been so annoying and been triggering my self-hate (which is on a down low anyway). There’s nothing more embarrassing than looking like you’re going through your second puberty again.

Before you say that you don’t bother with these odd techy things because they’re always so complicated and frustrating to you, that’s so far from the truth. If I can use this with ease, then anyone can!  There’s no wires to get tangled up with and all you need is your typical AA battery to get it working. See? Simple!

Wet your face and the brush you want to use, pop on your usual cleanser or serum and choose which mode you want! You have a gentle and intense modes for cleansing and the same for anti-aging. Yep, anti-aging is everything I need. Do you think if I’m very nice to this little device, it’ll turn back time a bit and take away all the fine lines I have?

Yeah…I don’t think so either.

If you love colours, they have you sorted there too! You have the PMD Clean Pro and PMD Clean Pro RQ that are self-standing. The Pro includes an ActiveWarmth facial massager and the PRO RQ has an ActiveWarmth Rose Quartz stone massager. Anything to turn back time! Colours come in either a maroon red, teal, dark blue, baby pink and black. Sometimes I just like black!

I’ve definitely seen a massive improvement in the majority of my skin (ignore my nose!) and I can see that my skin is clean. I know it sounds weird but there is just a slight shine that wasn’t there before.

Thank you again to PMD for kindly giving this to me. My skin also thanks you! Haha!

What are your thoughts on this? Would you use a device like this?

*This post contains gifted items but all opinions given are entirely my own.

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