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Happy Best Friends Day!! This is a really late post for me (it’s almost 10pm…ah!) but I hadn’t realised what day it was today and what post I could write! I literally could write a mammoth post about all of my favourite fictional best friends but you guys are bored of my blog already. The 3 I’ve chosen are my favourites or, in other words, the only 3 Daisy could think of because it is nearly 10pm! Haha.

Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter

It’s no surprise that I’m a massive fan of these two boys from Cursed Child! You literally have to see the play to understand just how incredible they are as characters when they brought to life on stage. I can’t talk about all the big things I love about them because that would spoil the play but I’ll say what I can. They look out for each other, they defend one another when the world is against them and, even though they can fight or not understand sometimes, they remain the best of friends. They go through so much and come out stronger…and maybe more. *wink* Pleasemakethemcanon!

Harry potter, ron weasley and hermione granger

What a shock to see these 3 on my list (!) Come on…you can’t talk about best friends without talking about THE best friends. The golden trio! Throughout my childhood they taught me about friendship, how to survive the school bullies, how to apologise when you said something wrong and how to feel understood. I don’t make friends very easily due to not understanding people a lot but the friends I have made are all big nerds and it’s thanks to this group that I am as open as I am now! They’re even the reason why I blog!

My favourite moments are:

  • Ron sacrificing himself for Harry and Hermione on the giant chessboard.
  • Harry remembering his moments with Ron and Hermione when he possessed by Voldemort.
  • Them working together to figure out Nicholas Flamel.
  • Hermione being saved by Ron and Harry from the troll.

Rachel berry and kurt hummel

I bet you’re surprised that I have these on my list but I was so in love with the friendship between Rachel and Kurt!! They were so over the top with their fights to be the best and to be noticed but were always there for each other when things got too much. They pushed each other to reach their potential even when Kurt didn’t get accepted into drama school and Rachel did. They remind me a lot of some of my actor friends! Obviously not as crazy as them but you can’t have an acting course without some friendly competition!

My favourite moments are:

  • The talk Rachel and Kurt have in Rachel’s bedroom (6×01)
  • The fight both of them have yelling truths at each other (4×13)
  • Kurt giving Rachel a makeover (1×11)
  • Their epic Defying Gravity duet (1×11)

Who are your favourite fictional best friends?

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