My ‘Royal Wedding’ Book/TV Choices

Royal Wedding

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that today marks the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. I’ve personally been really excited for this day as Harry has always been the one royal that made me smile. He’s the cheeky guy who is known to be a little mischievous, seemed amazing with any children that he’s met and so relaxed. I cannot wait to see him at the top of that aisle waiting for his bride!

I knew I wanted to do a post on the day of the Royal Wedding but didn’t want to be overly cliche with union jacks thrown everywhere. I decided to write about what I know best and that is books. I could talk about another Harry that I love (can you imagine Harry Potter as a prince?!) but there are so many YA books out there that seem to fit with today’s occasion.

princess diaries: royal wedding (meg cabot)

I’ve been a massive fan of Meg Cabot’s ‘Princess Diaries’ series for years now and there is something a little more special about this with Meghan being an American marrying a prince. Both she and Mia seem to have that amazing sass and, even though Mia was a born royal with her dad being a prince, it is still an incredible match!


Yep, I’ve added another Meg book to the list because she’s an amazing author, okay?! This is a spin-off of the Princess Diaries based on the adventure of Mia’s little half-sister Olivia! It’s so cute and has all the adorable awkwardness of a young girl at school discovering that she’s actually a princess and never knew it. I love how Meghan is bringing a new element to the Royal family with being from America and being mixed-race. It’s amazing to see!


AHH! This film! It’s full of all the early 2000s goodness! I love watching this film and admired Paige’s strength and not allowing herself to be bought by a handsome face. She knows what she wants and focuses on her career of becoming a future Doctor! I think Paige and Eddie are rather similar to Harry and Meghan. Both fought to live their own careers, one fighting to be an actress and the other to fight alongside his men in the Army. They were able to find the balance of knowing when to have fun and when to be serious.

the crown (netflix)

This is one of THE best dramas on Netflix and that’s been shown by all of the awards won by Claire Foy. It features of the biggest royal wedding to-date of Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten. I’m constantly watching vintage footage that was taken of the wedding online and I think that this series will brought that love and humour that couple shared and still shares to this day.

the royal wedding crashers (Clémentine Beauvais)

I think everyone is hoping that this Royal Wedding is gate-crashed by anyone but I think this is a brilliant childrens’ book to introduce any child to the idea of a royal wedding. Of course alongside all of the Disney films out there! Haha! Love the fairy-tale wedding! It’s something very silly and will definitely get some giggles from your little boy or little girl! I

undercover princess (connie glynn)

I’ve spoken so many times about this book since I was already a big lover of Connie (aka Noodlerella) on Youtube. She was always a really creative person with her impressions of different characters and you can see all of that creativity shine through her writing and through her main characters Lottie Pumpkin and Ellie Wolf. It’s a beautiful story and I cannot wait to read the sequel which I think is coming this August! YAY!

Which fictional royal weddings have you loved to read/watch?

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