What’s Inside My Handbag During The Winter

Photo by STIL on Unsplash Are you bored of all my winter posts yet? Are you secretly hoping that I’ll stop talking about winter or making every lifestyle post about it? Well, I apologise if you’re bored but since it’s that…

cold day

How To Make The Most Of A Cold Day | Blogmas 2019

The thing about winter is that it’s…well…cold! Unless you live in a really hot country or Florida (as Thomas Sanders keeps ranting about), but most countries have really cold winters and I’m not afraid to admit that it sucks.…

his dark materials

What’s On My ‘His Dark Materials’ Gift Guide?

The Definitive Guide to Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials (£25) | His Dark Materials: Northern Lights (£7.99) | The Book of Dust: The Secret Commonwealth (£14.99) | Lyra’s Oxford (£6.18) | His Dark Materials Cushion (£29.95) | Dark Materials…

Christmas spirit

How To Get Into The Christmas Spirit

Happy 1st of December, everyone!! The final month of 2019 has arrived and that means it’s a countdown to Christmas. That being said, Christmas is not always the best time of year. You could have lost a family member…

staying safe
Lifestyle Mental Health

Staying Safe During The Winter Season

Photo by Alex on Unsplash Ughh! Today was the first day that it reached -1 degrees where I live and I hate it! I don’t do extremes in temperature. If it’s too warm or too cold, then I don’t function. Between…

school reports

Looking Back At My Old School Reports

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash One of the interesting things about tidying is some of the random things that you find. What I found tidying my bedroom was one of my old school reports. I have around 3 over all:…

popular ya

Popular YA Books I Haven’t Read

You guys know that I love my books and could literally have the biggest bookcase, but there are some popular YA novels that I haven’t read yet. That could be for many reasons: I’ve been waiting for my library…